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Rock you Like a Hurricane - day 2

france - day 2
all conversations with people other than whitney, cassandra, jacqui, conner took place in french. I hve translated / paraphrased / summarized for your benefit.

it is now 8:30 pm tuesday. we landed at the airport around 10:30am monday.
the theme song to our trip is rock you like a hurricane. it keeps coming up and we keep using it in new and interesting ways. for example, at jacqui's behest, whitney tried to sing heart of glass to the tune of rock my like a hurricane.

on the airplane, I watched the time machine in french. I'm sure it sucked in english too.
I found a child's pink sock on the ground in the paris airport. it is now a permanent fixture on my travelbag. I aim to keep it as the identifying mark on whatever luggage I carry for the rest of my life. that's the plan anyway.

we successfully found our apartment.
we have been to (and denied at) the louvre - it's closed tuesdays.
we learned that new paris guides come out on wednesdays (today is tuesday)
I got a swell lighter in the latin quarter
we saw an external defibrillator in the washington dc airport (defibrillator? damn near killed 'er).
we got a big selection of pastries instead of dunch.
I managed to pollute the refrigerator with stinky cheese

I blew it with the lax ticket counter girl. she was cute. we flirted, we talked, cassandra, whitney and I got very spacious bulkhead seats (she had to rip up our original boarding passes), I took pictures wtih her and me. then I forgot to get her email "to send her the pictures" until we were gone... and the line marched on and waited for nobody. d'oh.

I talked to an unfriendly little french girl and a very friendly, though not useful, italian resteraunteur with a cool toilet.

the little girl was at the pastry dunch place. there was a chalk menu outside the place. midway through our "meal", she came out and started erasing the menu. then she wrote some kind of gibberish, poetry, story or something. I could BARELY read her handwriting at all... I couldn't even tell what 3/4 of the words said - let alone translate. I walked over and said hello - what are you doing. very friendly, not accusatory. she coyly said nothing. I continued trying to talk to her and she mostly didn't answer. those questions she did answer were one-word non-answers.
I went over and talked to her two different times. the only multi word answer I got from her was when I said goodbye. she said "au revoir"

the friendly italian is the proprietor of the resteraunt where we happened to want to pee. so we walked in and I asked him if they (whitney and cassandra) could use the bathroom. very friendly-like, he said "first - hello". I apologized and we started talking. he was born in naples, likes paris, and thinks the south of france is beautiful. he approves of our second week meandering plans. when I asked him for a recommendation for what city to go to, he said that in the south, it's all the same: sunny and beautiful. he didn't even have a recommendation in italy for us to visit. but his toilet spins around and cleans itself. hard to describe verbally. and to back that up, I have a couple of inadequate pictures.


vocab words I've felt like looking up
impressed - impressione' *
ribbon - ruban
driver - chauffeur (driver of taxi/bus/etc) or conducteur * (normal driver)
significance - signification *
naked - nu
guess (n) - supposition

picture count
68 film
165 digital

physical inventory (not counting mustard)
rockers and ballads - the scorpions (with rock you like a hurricane)
swell lighter
week-long orange metro card with my "rogueish" picture

mustard inventory
1 nice and spicy dijon (I'll get back to you on the brand)
1 salty and interesting one. I haven't tasted a mustard quite like it before.

see you all soon.
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