dan (dan501) wrote,

it was a good weeekend...

my brother is in town and I spent a bunch of time with him.

I spent a fair amount of the weekend with teaa.
I saw Blue Dan's Troupe dressed differently.
I ran into beth from burning man.
I went to luna sol which is a vegetarian restaurant in east la.
then off to the museum of jurassic technology
I had bagel and jamba juice.

my brother and I climbed a tree that we climbed as children (and occasionally since then). he made reference to a picture of me in that tree dressed as a pirate for halloween. I was 10ish years old. R.
tree climbin

a bunch of us went on a hike in will rogers park in the pacific palisades. we trailblazed, got scratched, found bones, talked, invented a game like soccer plus lacrosse. I scooted up and slid down a huge fallen tree.

and I took this picture
photoshop shmotoshop

it was actually to post that picture that I wrote this entire post.

PS - aim says I'm hiv negative.
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