dan (dan501) wrote,

longish weekend

just before the weekend, teaa and I broke up. we're still happy with each other and still gave each other valentines and whatnot.

I made one of the coolest valentines presents I've ever made.

and here's some (georgia on my mind) more pictures. I bought individual roses and a vase myself. arranged them myself. then spray painted them myself. teaa made me an excellent valentine collage.

there was a vday gettogether... whitney and I played with teeth. there were pretty decorations. stephenfranklin was insane.

saturday we got brinner at luna sol, which was amazing. we went to see jaso's play, I was likened to petruchio by 3 different people. et puis back to teaa's house to make ready for another vday party.

at that party, I played with, amongst other things, a violet wand. I felt it in my teeth for about 2 days. ahhh... the violet wand kiss, it's quite unique. but watch the nose and the teeth. if you're vuk, watch the eye.

sunday morning, I got bagel and jamba juice. armed with juice, I went to my parents house to investigate setting up a darkroom in their guest house. looks good. I'll be sure to get right on that project in my copious free time.

away to the huntington for high tea. I didn't have my camera with me - so I don't have pictures of any the fabulous outfits people wore. there was a pirate, a monkey, a magician, a red hat, a cowboy, several cotillion appropriate young ladies, and a cross between lydia deetz, edward gorey and little house on the prairie. I wore a shiny silver double breasted zoot suit, a sheeridescent purpley green shirt, pink converse, and a pink cowboy hat (with crushed velvet seats).

a little girl, about 4? years old, approached me and asked me if we were part of some kind of performance. I told her yes - we were there for her amusement. she yelled at her mom, about 50 feet away, "see! they're part of a performance."

then back to teaa's for a wonderful massage. after the rub, I spent some QT with teaa. and then the two of us hung out with cassandra - waiting for whitney and karinlewicki. at one point, I was naked and wearing the pink cowboy hat - specifically so we could all see karinlewicki's reaction thereto. it didn't work out. wildcat.

later I made plans for an upcoming photoshoot which, hopefully, will be one of the more serious endeavors to date.

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