dan (dan501) wrote,

Rock you like Q Hurricane - day 5

darn french keyboard with the Q and A reversed (and plenty of other annoying things).

it's friday at almost 5pm.

I have successfully charged my camera batteries with the crazy little thing called french electricity. it was scary because the power converter died... but my little camera charger made it through.

I actally played Rock You Like Q Hurricane - did I mention I bought the cd? I will get the darn amelie dvd before I leave. then I'll go get me a dvd region-friendly dvd player.

the mustard I have is named "Moutarde Forte" and "SA VO RA - le condiment avec 11 aromates" - just like the colonel used to make.
I'll get more when i leave the internet.

I think that 5am is about as early as we've gone to bed any night. it's been sooo bonding and fun. we've had in depth, and sometimes heated, conversations about all sorts of topics.

Since I sleep less than most, I am usually ready to get out of bed before whoever I slept with the preceeding night. Often, I have chosen to stay in bed some for the cuddling, but more hoping sex will ensue. I realized that even if I don't have hope of sex ensuing, I will stay in bed for the cuddling. who knew?

We found this great supermarket / Marshalls / makeup store. and they had really cool stuff in all depqrtments.

cassandra, whitney and I went to q gay area for dinner and barhopping. we found a resterqunt we'd seen advertised as "all desserts one euro." we all wanted to go when we saw the ad, but we didn't figure we would. it was a very happy surprise to run into it. the food, service, prices, music, art, ambience were all great. it was our favorite meal of the trip so far.

then to the walking around, sex toy store shopping, gay night club / sex club, other places, then q middle eastern gay bqr with male gogo dancers and q female bellydancer. dude.

I had qn in longish conversation with a couple of sex toy store worker guys. one of them tried to explqin what the french word "god" means. as in "god jelly orgasm" written on a dildo package. it took some explaining, but i got that god means soft and jellylike as opposed to hard plastic. i looked it up later, didn't find it and then proclaimed "god was invented by the porn industry." whitney may make it an email signature... i haven't been the featured email signature for a while.

during one of our late night convesations, conner said something about the "grandmother lesbian construct." I believe that's destined to be a Baby Fish Hat b side.


I have some of my gift shopping done. I found out in email thqt something I thought about buying as a gift, but didnt, would have been perfect. rats. so Im carrying that surprise stuff.

pictures count
540 digital
110 film

no nez mustard (note - nez is french for nose. those nosegasm count is waaaay high for the trip from the mustard)
thats qbout to be remedied.

recommend - recommander
especially - surtout
soap - savon
liquid - liquide
worry - inquieter
acrobatic - not there. but acrobat is the same.
costume (in french) - costume, fancy dress, or all dressed up
ensemble (in french) - outfit (or together)
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