dan (dan501) wrote,

food over preparing? me? it's not like last night I made myself a bowl of cereal which had 8 ingredients or anything...

so I did the photo thing last night... it was fun and I think the photos will be good. but it wasn't as serious an endeavor as I'd hoped. I was planning on renting cool strobey lights and stuff, but the rental place was out of the stuff I wanted. so we had to make do with what we had.

I bid farewell to tim last night. shame he's leaving... but I understand. I'll miss him - not that I spent enough time with him anyway. I do not envy his position of moving a pool table up north. I had a bitch of a time getting it moved intra-valley.

monday is really, really soon. remember when I said I was going to france for 2 weeks? that plan got changed. now I'm going to new york for a week and france for a week. I'm leaving monday.

while I'm there, I intend to find violent syrup.
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