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oh bother

don't bother trying to see the avadon exhibit at the met. it's not exactly there anymore.
don't bother going to the met with the intention of seeing the da vinci sketches: wait from here: over 1 hour.
don't bother getting the french audio guide to the met. out of all the pieces in which I was interested, only a couple of them had audio explications. one of them had audio explication in french.

do bother walking through central park when it's mostly white.

last night, I bothered to read a bit about rastafarianism. some of it's cool and some of it ain't. if I had more motivation toward such things, I'd go searching for a religion/way of life that incorporated the happy, loving, pacifist aspects of rasta and not so much the hatred of white folk. note - I only spent a while reading about rasta on the web, not talking to the gurus... I'm know they don't all hate white folk. I'm talking about the rasta dogma that I read about last ngiht.

tonight, I'm going to connecticut to visit with my mom's side of the family that I rarely get to see.
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