dan (dan501) wrote,

last night in paris?

I'm done working for the day. I tried to take a couple of business contacts out for drinks both last night and tonight, but I failed. but I did eat at a french poshy place which was really good. business was pretty good... made some swell euro-contacts.

joe and I may be leaving france tonight or tomorrow afternoon for a jqunt in florence. my italian experience is limited to an hour in the milan airport and dominos. however, if flights don't come together, we may be forced to stay in paris. quelle domage.

if we florence, I'll get that violent syrup in italy. if not, I'll pick it up here. dirt is still looking unlikely, but I'm still kind of working on it.

both of us are probably getting frenchy haircuts. we are likely going to the co,edy francaise again tonight... I went last time and saw dom juan... that was neat.

I have not been particulqrly inspired to take photos thus far this trip. pqrt of that is that zhile it's much nicer weather than nez york, it's still a little chilly. coupled with mostly worknig during the daytime, I haven't been doing it. maybe from here on in, or maybe in florence.

I have not eaten a single omelette. today may be the lunch in which I remedy that as it's 4:30 and I'm about to seek lunch.
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