dan (dan501) wrote,

I had a wonderful weekend which included...

not getting a speeding ticket despite deserving one on the way there
gambling with the ticket agent guy and breaking even
seeing mystere in the front row - on drugs
the symphony of the bathroom
people watching in the glittery ben and jerrys
hunting the water
the reflecty water and legoy building in front of treasure island
finding the cab
swooping the makeup
throwing the candy
in general, treating the hotel room like rock stars
winking like a tiger
a wonderful brunch for which I was christened King Dan the Good
playing whack-a-mole at brunch
having $240 worth of cinnamon
forgetting to orchestrate the pie eating contest
not eating at some crappy italian restaurant at which we didn't want to dine anyway
being told not to loiter
being accosted by a guy driving a van of a dozen people and him asking where he could find a pharmacy because he needs some rogaine and asking where he could find a strip club where they get naked... but he's looking for the guys. big muscley guys.
dining at a wonderful balcony place overlooking the canal in the venetian
teaa helping me almost score the waiter's little sister's phone number
losing $5 playing blackjack
lots of cruising the strip with the top down
being admired by and talking to a few passersby while spinning poi
checking out on time
not getting a speeding ticket despite deserving one on the way home

I missed a few important things that teaa pointed out.
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