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Rock you Like Q Hurricane - day 6


yesterday, went to notre dame, then the surrealism exhibit at the centre pompidou, then the eiffel tower. a day of tourisme and dali.

I just noticed that the keyboard on which I'm typing is titled the Turbo-XWing. dude.


physical inventory
7 packs of hollywood gum of assorted flavors. since I found hollywood gum on my last eurotrip, I have been surprised that there is a hollywood gum exclusive to not-america.

a french yellow pages (probably not coming back wtih me)

moutarde de dejon a l'ancienne. the important part of this mustard is the jar it comes in. it's wide and wide-mouthed and closed with a cork stopper. I have a brown sugar container at home which is just like it. the brown sugar container came into my family as a mustard jar about 20 years ago. I asked for it when I moved and my mom gave it to me. when my brother found out I had it, he was a bit frustrated that it had been raided and was no longer part of our parents kitchen.

moutarde de dijon - seminoles. nothing to do wtih native americans from florida as far as I can tell.

fauchon - cocoa mustard. yes. I don't mind it. everyone else says it sucks. it's not bad on banana sorbet.

monoprix gourmet - moutarde d'ail et persil. monoprix is the cool supermarket/marshalls/makeup place. and they have cool ustard.

gault millau - moutarde au roquefort. an objectivist cheese flavored mustard in favor of liberating the producers of society from the leeching masses. who is this mustard?

wish - souhait (the same word as in "a vos souhaits" (bless you))
gauffre - waffle
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