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you know an ethnic restaurant will be really good if you walk in and you're the only honkies in the joint.
I ate thai food under those conditions friday night.
I ate sri lankan food under those conditions today.

both were excellent.

I ate in little ethiopia fairly recently. I'd like to put more effort into eating at restaurants from countries whose cuisine I've never tried.

I'd like to go back to the spot.

I'm apparently going to do my taxes for real this year. possibly last year too.

so... in my possession right now is a piece of tree. I've heard opinions that it's juniper, cypress, pine, coniferous and shrubbish. there's an interesting story of why I have this piece of tree.

wanna hear it? here it goes...

as I was sitting outside the accountant's office today, my brother called. amongst other things, he asked me if I remembered the 3 trees that were in our front yard when we were growing up. we clarified and clarified which trees. after we'd established which trees he was talking about, he told me why he was asking.

he asked me to describe these trees. leafy? needley? what? I described them as being tall, thin, very thick christmas trees. with sort of almost fractalish stalks. definitely evergreen. sort of coniferous, but having no cones. like a pine tree, but without the needles. definitely no leaves.

then he told me that he'd had a dream in which a detailed and painstaking description of these trees played a central role. he wanted to write about the dream, but couldn't quite conceive of these trees or how to describe them.

after a while on this tree topic, I looked around and noticed that there were a couple of those exact kind of trees about 30 feet away. so I wandered over there and came up with pretty much the same description. then I broke off a piece of tree and promised to mail it to him.

once I was back at my office, I forgot to mail it. so I'll mail it tomorrow. which means that in the mean time, in my possession is a piece of tree.
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