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got plans May 9th?

well you do now, you're coming with me... (no spoilers in my post, promise)

my brother is in manic, which is an excellent well-reviewed movie brought to you by the IFC.

for those of you who don't know me that well, I am intensely proud of my brother (not remotely just about this movie). he is the most charismatic person I know. a first rate actor, musician, writer, philosopher, artist, filmmaker, karaokeist and overall entertainer. he's my favorite person in the whole wide world. he's at the top of the list of people I strive to be more like. this movie is the first time in his life that I've seen him so proud of a movie that he's been excited about publicizing it. you've got to see this movie, dude.

it opens in LA on may 9th at the nuart. I'd like as many people as possible to attend. my brother and I will both be there that night. I'm going to see what I can do about arranging a Q&A before or after the film (anybody want to ask theatre manager marc to contact me?) with at least my brother... probably others from the movie as well.

if you'd like to attend, but can't afford it, email me. if you can't make it that night, pretty please see it soon thereafter. it's only opening on one screen in LA - so every single ticket sold makes a difference.

it opens April 25 in manhattan, hence my trip to new york. if you're east coast and don't already have plans for that night, please join me there. I think it's at the sunshine. but I'm not sure. if you care, email me and I'll find out.

p.s. but he's not necessarily cooler than teaa
p.p.s update 4/21 - I have spoken with theatre manager marc. Q&A with my brother is in effect. we're still working on zooey... looks like she might be out of town that night.
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