dan (dan501) wrote,

this weekend

ok... I know I still owe an update and photos from last weekend. sorey aboot that.

was that house warming really this weekend? damn... seems so long ago. thanks for the pizza and pie.

I went to a martini party. I made martiniS too strong and drank them anyway.

I went to faire and finished. finished as in I now have my pass and stuff. not like finished. dude. in the course of doing my fairely duties, I moonwalked.

I was going to go to patch's birthday party. I really was. but I got swooped to rocky instead. I was finally the butt of rule #5. I wore the outfit for it... I felt like the badass photographer... I captured the jason and missy moment pretty well. I got pictures of the chubby bunny winner with his pile. and I got pictures of teaa and jeNn looking hot.

today, I finished up the darkroom. behold the power of this fully operational darkroom. I need to go buy a focuser and a negative carrier. neither of which are big deals. more mad props to vuk. but how lame am I for not asking others' advice who have done this sort of thing before. I guess I just didn't want to trouble them even though I knew they'd be happy to help.

I also finished my first roll of woca film. I dropped it off... we'll see how that goes in a couple of days. more so than the first roll I took of regular camera pictures, I feel like this will likely suck. then again I guess holga pictures sucking is part of their thing.

I too briefly attended a gathering tonight after darkroom construction. then I got lost. then I gave a personal unhousewarming gift that I thought was clever. then I watched most of american beauty and gave a head massage.

I can't believe I'm actually leaving for a trip in less than two days. speaking of which... I got an excellent email from my brother tonight regarding the movie promotion thing. a very heartfelt thanks. it warmed the cockles of my heart.

I may also add, that it's almost 5 am and I'm going to work in a few hours.

to those of you who would otherwise attend the may 9th movie extravaganza, but figure that you'd rather hit faire:
fuck that. you know that friday nights at faire suck for the first couple of weeks.
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