dan (dan501) wrote,

last weekend (4/11 - 4/13)

I spent the evening with cassandra. we have such a good time together. we don't spend enough quality time.

first off, I got the best parking spot, ever. I found the restaurant, but I couldn't find parking. I drove around the block and found nothing. when I got back to directly in front of the restaurant, I found cassandra standing in a parking space waving and shimmying to flag me down. so there I parked.

the restaurant in question was a new (to me) french restaurant called tournesol. I found it by speaking french with the checkout lady at sav-on. if you speak another language, do you have to be sort of expecting the other language to really get it? for me, whenever I'm in france, if anyone speaks a language besides english and french, it still sounds like french to me. I'm expecting french and so I try to squeeze whatever I hear into french. it usually fools me for a couple of sentences. likewise, if I'm not expecting french, even intelligible french sounds unintelligible. in line at sav-on was one of the last places I expected to hear french. so I had to listen for a while before I got it. anyway, the sav-on patr-on was the proprietor of the restaurant and told me I should come in. something about not enough americans who speak french.

some of the servers had silly sounding french accents. there was one guy whose accent I couldn't figure out. I asked, and he told me he was born in tunisia. they have cool accents in english and in french. the girl who took our order told me my french was excellent. I told her she was very funny.

dinner was great. I recommend the place.

then we went our separate ways to prepare for the rest of our evening...

I put on the silver suit and hat.

we went to cassandra's dancing gig hookah lounge. I love that place. I think I should be trying other hookah lounges. I was wearing the silver outfit when we were there. I got TONS of "that's tight" "what a pimp" "nice hat" "where'd you get that" comments. but the most popular comment was "I want [my boyfriend] to wear that outfit to prom!" we ended up waiting like an hour for cassandra to start dancing. I tried strawberry tobacco. I prefer triple apple. during that time, I had a wonderful phone conversation. then I joined a table with a group of high school folks. that was so cool... they talked about AP tests, yearbook, college plans, etc.

cassandra kicked ass, as per the norm.

then we were off to the model party. the party was thrown by a sculptor/teacher and was populated by art models. most of whom were also artists. a lot of whom were also dancers. they even had a vibrating head thing. there was a naked roller skater, lots of good painting, some red vines, and a really cool movie playing in the corner. it reminded me of satyricon. I'll have to remember to ask cassandra for the title. she'd seen it before.

I went to bed, alone around 5:30am.

I was picked up bright and early to go do faire bureaucracy and workshops at around 9am by the lovely teaa. we picked up lizz along the way. workshops weren't particularly noteworthy. except I learned a new joke:
what do you call 10 lesbians in a closet?

lizz found another ride home (as per the plan; we didn't ditch her), and teaa and I left for san diego. we were off to go naked roller skating.

the sky was gorgeous. and we saw a pretty cool license plate:

after driving around and concluding that national city only sells cars and has no restaurants, we finally discovered a cocos. good enough. except that it kind of sucked. except for the garlic bread. and except for the strawberry lemonade.

we got to the naked roller skating place and we were met by rydot and boymaenad. we were amongst the first to arrive. we went inside and found the normal skating place employees to be fully clothed. I take pride in being the first naked one skating. it was a little strange and quite breezy. that might be the first time I've skated all alone on a skating rink, clothing or not.

after a few laps, I dealt with Softball Wrist Guy. the four of us were up at the concession counter. the less fortunate half of us were getting "food." all of a sudden, a naked lady skates up to the counter and announces that some guy has broken his wrist. the employees didn't seem to take it that seriously. like asking this lady questions to make sure the guy really did have a broken wrist. gathering up my former pre-med, currently naked self, I skated over to the guy. he was remarkably calm. considering his wrist. it was bent, smushed, angled, and literally the size and shape of a softball. he was lucky there was no bone protruding. so I ask him if he needs and help.. he's putting on his shoes with one hand. I told him to hang on and relax. I went back to the counter and got a bag of ice. the nice folks behind the counter first confirmed that it was for the infirmed and not that I was just trying to bogart some ice. so I skate back to him with some ice and tell him to wrap his wrist in it. at this point, he's got on shoes and unbuttoned jeans. I offered to button his pants and put on his shirt. done and done. that was a little unusual... I jokingly told him that his wrist wasn't really broken and that this was all a ploy to get me to button his pants. I felt like a boyscout throughout the experience. the rest of skating wasn't that eventful. but avoid the drinking fountains at that place like you're in mexico.

and you know the weirdest thing about the whole naked rollerskating thing? skating up to a urinal and not having to remove my pants.

after naked rollerskating, we drove back to faire area for elaine's middle-of-nowhere birthday party. I had a wonderful time. I love people on E.. .they're so friendly and cuddly and petable. everyone should be like that all the time. I was one of only a small handful of sober people.

I saw two people fooling around. the girl was on E for the first time (I know them both and he wasn't taking advantage of her at all). they started fooling around about the time she started coming down from the E. at one point, she announced that this would be better were she still rolling. a minute later, she pauses and announces "this sucks." a bunch of people laughed as she tried to explain that it was the drug wearing off, not her fooling around partner that sucked.

fell asleep cuddling with a cute girl around 6am.


I woke up around 8:30 for a hiltonriffic breakfast buffet, right? no. that breakfast buffet sucked. faire was pretty cool. I spent some time spinning poi. I ran into someone I hadn't seen in quite a while. there was some annoyance with costume approval.

then we headed back from faire to attend jessekingsley's birthday party. after being there a while, 3 masked kidnappers arrived to abduct the birthday boy. the had rope and a gun. they took him and left a ransom note saying we had to be at a burrito stand in santa monica at 11pm with a bunch of items including, but not limited to...
personal lubricant - slightly warmed
copy of buttman does rio volume 17
your mom
to the extreme (I'd like to point out that amazon lists kris kross, snow, and mc hammer in the "customers who liked this also bought...")
one extra large condom (used)

and a bunch of other stuff. we thought about playing along. but instead we called them and told them we were going to sushi instead. I ordered "slum wine" which is a combination of sake and plum wine. recommended.

then back to the birthday house for some more yucking it up. then back to my house. I think I fell asleep around 4ish.

I slept how much, this weekend?
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