dan (dan501) wrote,

the worst candy

today, I ate the worst candy, ever. I've read the bad candy webpage and I think this surpasses anything they've got.

I ate samiake (sp. lots of sp). it's finnish. lizz brought it back from her recent trip to finland. we were getting lunch today and I noticed it in her bag. she tried to hide it from me because she knew I'd want to try it.

unfortunately for me, she failed. I saw the candy. it gets worse...
I asked to taste the candy. she warned me it was bad...
I demanded that she let me try the candy.

it's a little black chewy looking piece of candy. I've eaten black licorice before... how bad can this be? let me tell you...

imagine a combination between black licorice and strong menthol cough drops. but I was determined to stick it out... I didn't spit it out, I didn't just swallow it... I just reveled in this new experience. suck though it did.

I offered one to a coworker thusly
"hey, you want to try something disgusting and finnish?"
the transaction and the pill-pop transpire
"yeah.. I'm just about finnished with this"

just say no.
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