dan (dan501) wrote,

everyone's your friend in new york city

well, not everyone. yesterday, my brother and I ran into some cops who were not my friend.

I got here wednesday morning bright and early. I found the train I had to get on. I got tickets and sat down in the train to take a nap. a few minutes later, I am awakened by a conversation. JOHN and MONA. john is a somewhat puffy italian looking mid-30s guy in a pinstripe shirt and a self-important-pinky-ring-style gold bracelet. mona is a late 20s pretty girl with short hair and a long island accent.

I started talking with them and didn't stop until my train exit. I learned that john was up all night at Scores (famous upscale strip club). Mona was up all night at class and then at a friend's house (she swore nothing happened) and I slept like a baby on my redeye flight.

we discussed that john had his heart broken by a girl named gina when he had a car accident. we talked about mona having had breast implants - despite her breasts being big before the surgery. no, I didn't ask if I could squeeze them (see list of lifetime goals). we talked about how she'd had anal sex a few times, but only with one guy. one of mona's rules for life is that "you never go down on a stripper." they both said I'm a bohemian but should have been a lawyer.

I think john is a pathological liar who claims to be an investment banker and in cahoots with the heavy hitting lobbyists and strip club owners of new york.

I arrive at the train station and then off to visit the parents. we made omelettes. I showered in this awesome steamy shower. it's a combo steambath / shower and I used both at once. the steam made the shower so intense. I felt like I almost passed out from the moisture and heat (hmmmm... moisture and heat). those slackers had never tried the steam option.

we all went to the premier of joe's movie. then to CB gallery (next to the world famous CBGB) for the after party. the movie is excellent. that was the first time I'd seen it. very powerful and moving.

at the after party, and the after after party dinner/breakfast, I had a great time. I had to smuggle drinks from the open bar because I'd forgotten my id. I spent time talking to all sorts of people and having a ball.

if Kellogg Hill ever makes it big, you heard of them here first. I've been mistaken for joe several times since I've been here this time... but the Kellogg Hill story is the best. at the after party, some guy approaches me and the dialog went a little something like this
some guy: hey man. I LOVED you in this movie. you were amazing... I almost cried.
me: thank you. is there anything I could have done differently to make you actually cry?
some guy: nah.. but you were great. but you should kill that cinematographer.. they weren't very flattering. you weren't so pretty in that movie.
me: yeah.. I'm ok with that
some guy: ok... so here's this cd I put together. I'd really like you to listen to it. I think you'll really like it a lot. and I'm from california so I... my phone number is on the cd. and if you like it, do you think you could give me a call and maybe help me out?
me: totally man. that's cool that you're from california. I was born there... absolutely I'll listen to this and I know a lot of producers so I'll really try to help you out.
some guy: thanks

I didn't make out under the dock, but we stayed out til 6 oclock.

woke up around 7:30am to get picked up to go with joe to do a radio interview with some guy and jennifer lopez's sister. it was pretty brief, but amusing.

then we slept for a couple more hours and then fliered. we put up stickers and posters and fliers and all sorts of stuff. in fact, we got busted fliering. I have to go to court. by june 3rd. in new york. dude. but we put up a lot of fliers and hopefully spread some word. and I got a couple cool pictures of getting busted. I half wish we'd been arrested. but alas.

we went to an open mic night at columbia and had a grand ol time. we hung out with joe's neighbor efrom (pronounced e). joe sang purple rain, at my request. and we talked to a lot of people about showing up to the movie on friday.

the word of the day is bananas. can you say bananas, boys and girls? I learned that people say bananas to mean good. not going bananas in an "off the hook" sense. but it's correct to say "that painting is bananas"

party prep. we had to make ready for the after party that joe was throwing himself. I had an errand boy philosophy while I was shopping for some party things. I went out solo fliering. at one point, I put up a flier, then stood a few feet away and made a phone call. as I was ending my call, a 4ish year old kid ripped the flier off the bus stop. I went over and talked to the dad and told him that the movie is really good and he should come see it. he apologized for the kid ripping down the poster, said he loves don cheadle, and would probably be there. I didn't see him.

we went to kinkos and blew up the citation and the photos of getting busted for decoration at the after party. they came out really well.

then to the movie. the show sold out. I felt totally accomplished. I got a picture with joe next to the box office sign that says manic sold out. it was right next to a sign for the matrix.. I intend to photoshop "not sold out" onto the matrix sign.

it was so rewarding to see people at the movie that we'd actually met. we met people on the street, told them to come to this movie, then saw them there. not bad.

then to the afterparty. it was bananas. soooo good. I'd say about 150 people were in this room the entire time. it was pretty packed, but you could still move around. it was the best music selection I've ever heard at a club. everybody was so into it, dancing, singing along. and the same chef friend made more amazing desserts. and there was an open bar.

I told the cinematographer the Kellogg Hill story. he said that everyone's a critic.

I did the peepee dance in line for the bathroom. in fact, I met a hot girl wearing a stripey tie who was already peepee dancing in line for the bathroom and we did the peepee dance together. I've never peepee danced with a partner. as I was emerging from the bathroom, they started playing it's tricky. I performed it's tricky for joe and sara. joe was completely amused that I knew all the words and he did the hook with me. so good.

chemchick80 showed up briefly. nice to see her again. she was going to meet an ex somewhere in the city. we argued about whether or not she was going to get some that night. betcha she did.

then we went to this great restaurant called cafeteria at 7th ave and 17th. it was packed when we got there at like 5:30am. I had one of the best veggie burgers of my life. we met these two girls at the table next to us. mustard was the pickup line. I gave each of the girls some of my fries with mustard. I encouraged doubledipping. when one of the girls exclaimed that the mustard was really spicy, I explained nosegasms.

then home and to sleep.
today is saturday, it's almost 4pm. we haven't been out of the house. it's raining. I have some swell pictures to post once I get home.
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