dan (dan501) wrote,

recent trip

I haven't quite gotten around to finishing up the story of my new york trip. I have a few cool pictures to illustrate my story. however, that's not what you get.

nope... no photojournalling my life in this post. this is more along the lines of sure, maybe I do fuck marshmallows. and I guess I wear funny hats. I suppose I also turn interesting tricks. but I'm still a photographer, gosh darn it. as such, here's one of the photos I took on that trip.

an interesting story about that picture... it's pretty clear from the photo that I was on the railroad tracks when I took it. the train on which I arrived in connecticut had just recently departed on those self same tracks. my mom was going to be picking me up at that station in a couple of minutes. by the time my mom arrived, I had already climbed out of the track area onto the platform. when my mom arrived, she was on the other side of the station from me. I told her I'd simply stroll across the tracks and meet her. that's not the way moms are wired. even mine. my mom insisted on driving out of the station, around the block, and picking me up on my wrong side of the tracks. I chuckled at the prospect of showing her this picture some day and reminding her that she didn't want me to cross the tracks.

a further note about my trip... a lot of what we did while I was there was promoting my brother's movie. partially as a result of all our effort, it did really well. manic was #6 in the country in per-screen average for that weekend. #4 if you don't count imax films.

that picture is really like that. despite the train station looking like a normal outdoor connecticut train station in real life, that picture wasn't photoshopped to look that way.

you may find yourself asking, "dan, was your camera on acid?"
to which I reply "no, but if you find any acid, let me know. I promise to show you the resulting pictures"

that fine picture is a result of three not quite run of the mill things
1. the camera I used is a toy camera called a woca.
2. the film was pushed during developping.
3. the film was cross processed
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