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dial M for manic - this friday

live in LA? how about near LA? plan on being in the LA area this friday night? want to make a special trip to LA just for me?

here's the updated plan for this friday may 9th.
as I've promoted, pimped, and practically been arrested for, THE movie is coming to LA friday night may 9th. after a <http://www.livejournal.com/users/dan501/48526.html?mode=reply">smash debut</a> in new york city, manic is opening in LA at the nuart.

after the 7:30 show, there will be a Q&A with some of the movie makers. I know that my brother will be there. the director, one of the writers, one of the hot chicks, and one of hollywood's leadingest men may be there. I'm not exactly sure who'll show up.

after the Q&A, there will be a huge party at the knitting factory. the last after party was bananas... they played the best music selection I've ever heard at a club, the vibe was hot. there is to be an audio/visual onslaught worth seeing. no cover.

dress code (not actually required, but strongly encouraged): Dress hot. dress eye-catching. dress outlandish. dress snazzy. dress up.

keep your manic ticket stubs. ticket holders drink on joe.
if you plan to attend, email me your FULL name - plus how many. I will put you on the list. chances are pretty good that you'll be able to get in without being on the list. chances are good that you can get in without being on the list if you have a ticket stub. chances are near 100% that you can get in if your name is on the list. it will take you two seconds. email me. or comment. whatever. DO NOT assume that I will remember to put your name on the list if you don't email me. that goes doubly so for those of you who know me well - you know how absent minded I can be.

whether you come to the party or not, see the movie. it's really good. it's been well reviewed by critics, doctors, lemoncake, disturbed youth, and the movie-goers at every Q&A I've attended. did I mention there's music by aphex twin, the deftones, thurston moore (of sonic youth) and others?

this isn't a one night engagement. it's the movie playing at the nuart for a week. see it. if you live elsewhere, see it.

- Nuart - LA
- Regal Universaity - Irvine, CA
- Angelika - Dallas
- Angelika - Houston

- Madstone Hazard - San Diego
- Magnolia Starz - Denver
- Varsity - Seattle
- Regal Galaxy - San Francisco
- Sattuck - Berkeley
- Camera Cinemas - San Jose
- Nickelodeon - Santa Cruz
- Regal Fox Tower - Portland
- Regal Village Square - Las Vegas
- Uptown 8 - Detroit / Birmingham, MI

- Loews Dupont - Washington DC
- Loews Harvard Square - Cambridge
- Landmark Century - Chicago

my brother may be doing Q&As in some or all of those cities... if you plan to see the movie in one of those other cities, let me know and I'll find out whatever I can about a Q&A.

I'd like to reiterate that friday nights at faire suck for the first couple of weeks. besides, it always rains on friday nights.
I'd also like to reiterate that if you'd like to attend, but you cannot afford it, please let me know. I'll make sure you get a ticket.
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