dan (dan501) wrote,

Manic - Friday May 9th - Clarification

you're attending the afterparty, right? well in addition to your eye-catching hot dress up style, you should also bring photographic equipment. you're a videographer? bring your camera. you're a photographer? bring your camera. you're a hollywood feature film maker and have your own panavision? bring it. we'd like as many artists recording the afterparty in as many ways and angles and styles and media as possible.

the movie starts at 7:30. I don't know if it will sell out at 6pm, sell out by 7:30, or sell out at all. my recommendation and intention is to show up around 7. first, you'll get better parking. second, there should be a lot of us waiting in line. it will be a fun waiting in line experience - promise. third, it may sell out at any time - I hope.

I am not positive of the knitting factory age restrictions. I am checking on that as we speak. I'll post a new thing as soon as I know. I THINK it's 18 and over with the 21+ drinking wristbands kind of thing.

I've learned that there will be a Q&A on saturday after the 7:30 show also. but there's no after party on saturday (unless you count rocky).

the show at the nuart is a regular movie at a regular theater... just more promoted (uhhh in some ways). there is no the list. you go to the theater, you buy your ticket, you watch the movie. then the not run of the mill things start happening (like Q&A, afterparty, etc). the list is for the afterparty.

remember - when you rsvp, tell me how many guests you're bringing. remember to send me your first AND LAST name.
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