dan (dan501) wrote,

manic last night

thank you to everyone who showed up to manic last night. the show sold out the nuart which is like 450? people. the after party was all sorts of fun.

if you saw the movie, and if you liked it, pretty pretty please tell people about it. put it in your journal, tell your in-real-life friends, buy sky-writing ads, give me oral sex... whatever it takes.

don't recommend it if you didn't like it.

thank you all. it gave me such a rush to see my little brother's movie fill a theatre that big. standing in the back row (not the traditional thing to do in the back row at that theatre), looking out over all those people was really something.

it gave me a quite an ego trip to think that I know so many people that I found out about the thing tuesday, started inviting people, and got over 120 yes RSVPs by friday. most of whom actually showed up.

lots of thanks to everyone who invited more people.
lots and lots of thanks to teaa and whitney who each invited a lot more people.

last night meant a lot to me and a lot to my brother - thank you.
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