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so I signed myself up for a photography class. when it finally occurred to me that this was something I should do / wanted to do, it also struck me as strange that it hadn't occurred to me to do it before now. after all, I take A LOT of pictures.

I looked around at several nearby schools and found that there wasn't a beginners digital photography class to be found (not found by me anyway). so I decided that rather than pout, I'd make this into a full experience. I'm starting with a black and white film photography class... how different is that from the digital class I thought I was looking for in the beginning?

so I set out to find myself a film camera. I looked around my parents' house and found my dad's old-school bad-ass classic won't-the-teacher-think-I'm-cool nikon. he bought it used about 30 years ago.

I'm having fun playing with the controls and stuff and figuring out how they correspond to the doodads on my camera. it was amazing to conceive of how this 100% mechanical thing functioned with no onboard computer. it also amazed me to open up the camera and observe some of the controls actually controlling stuff.

it was also cool to watch my brother's enthusiasm while he explained a bunch of photographic stuff in official photography / film terms that I'd learned on my own by using my digital cameras and its emulation of real camera stuff.

the most surprising thing I learned: one must adjust the camera to make it take different speed film.
on my camera: bring up the menu and set "ISO" (which is the canon terminology for ASA or film speed)... it can be done on a picture by picture basis
on this old-fangled contraption: purchase a roll of whatever speed film you wish to use. set the ASA dial on the camera to match the type of film you have loaded.

what happens if you have the camera set to one speed and some other speed film in there? don't tell me - I want to figure it out.

I'm accustomed to the camera and "film" being a single entity so it took me by surprise that you'd have to tell the camera about what kind of film you're using.

the focus on the nikon kicks the crap out of the "manual focus" that the canon offers.

I am soooo looking forward to this class.
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