dan (dan501) wrote,

great hoggely moggely - what a weekend

as I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about, the manic event finally happened friday.

after leaving work early to shower, pick an outfit, get dressed, and assemble the amazing 120+ person guest list, I was a bit late. I suggested that people arrive at the nuart around 7. I ended up leaving my house a little after 7. you wouldn't believe this, but there was traffic heading south on the 405 at 7pm on a friday. so I took sepulveda. and when I say I took sepulveda, I mean I took it. there wasn't much traffic and I drove it like a madman. I didn't get a speeding ticket despite deserving one.

thank you to those that rescued me, accommodated my tardiness, bought the extra tickets I was to buy, dealt with the line as best you could, and generally keept order: teaa and lizz. I'll buy you both dinner and a movie.

there was a huge crowd. the line was wrapped around the corner when I arrived... and they'd already let the ticketholders in. what I saw was the crowd of people still queued up to buy tickets. the show sold out with about 50-75 people still wanting to get in. the nuart holds 450ish people... amazing. unfortunately, I didn't have teaa and lizz buy enough extra tickets. I was about 5 tickets short and joe was about 10 tickets short. my bad. joe and I even gave away our own tickets.

so we went to the nearby eatery, lulus, for a snack during the movie. I was accompanied by joe, zooey, sara, the director, a writer, the cinematographer, barb, diana, colin, james, and assorted others. I can't believe I didn't try the deepfried twinkie. next time.

toward the end of the movie, we mosied from lulus back into the theatre. that's where I met the imported models. there were a bunch of The Beautiful People who trekked from new york to LA to attend this movie opening and afterparty. I spent a decent part of the evening talking with them. they were fun, and not haughty. a couple people commented that I looked like the mac daddy when I was standing about talking with 5 models.

I also met mellowjello there. neither of us are looking cute in this picture, but keep in mind that it's not easy to look good when you're all sweaty and clubby (the smeared lipstick I was sporting was not smeared there by the other party in that photo).

then to the afterparty. cassandra and I flashed each other on the way back to her house. I was helping her drop off her car so she could drink more effectively. spring break!

found the knitting factory and started knitting. the music was good, the place got fairly hopping... which is impressive. the place we got had room for some 1000 people. I was shown that there is a "dan dance." it was kind of interpretive.

we danced, we bumped, we ground, it was a darn sexy thang... lizz and erin: sorry I bonked your heads together.

got breakfast at a new (to me) place called eat well. thumbs up. they make savory omelettes and french toast. their brown sugar is blue ribbon worthy. it was moist and less processed so had an almost molassesy flavor. their grits are pretty weak - maybe they're not self-respecting southerners and it takes less time for water to cook into a grit in their kitchen. their maple syrup is interesting. it's almost exactly between watery "real" maple syrup and log cabin style.

I proceeded to a nearby tshirt store. it was huge. thousands of tshirts. a veritable tshirt emporium. but did they have the tshirts that I wanted? frayed knot. all I wanted was a small solid black tshirt and a small solid white tshirt. just one pepsi, and they wouldn't give it to me. how weird is it to have thousands of tshirts but be missing two most obvious ones?

I got a cry for help - my company was needed at faire. like a flash (spring break!), I was off to faire. made pretty good time despite the bona fide wall of cars which plagued a large segment of the 134 and the driving 65 behind a cop for another large portion. the wall of cars was driving slower than sane traffic, all lined up next to each other. with nary a gap between them. when I was finally able to pass, I discovered that most of them were old people. and I iterate: I hate old people.

saturday night at faire was fun. drank a bit, wandered a bit, listened to bog fest a bit, shave and a haircut... a friend of mine was on acid and I took advantage of the situation to spin glowsticks poi style. somehow, I lost howard. sorry about that, lori. I'm sorry that I destroyed howard's dream of following in herman's footsteps of being the longest and the brightest.

I finally tumbled on sunday. after 3 faire days with no tumbling, it was finally tumbling time. I tumbled in the midday parade. I was a bit rusty, but nobody got hurt. duuuuuuude was I sore thereafter.

we gigged in a privy. not soley in a privy, teaa and I gigged elsewhere as well. we trawled the unsuspecting with pretzels (and naughty glances) as bait. we'd tempt people with our luscious carbohydrates and then lull them and then snatch the kiss while they stood captivated by our dashing good lucks and salty goodness.

later, I took my leave of the fishing crew to play a didgeridoo at the didge booth. I played for a while, I talked to some patrons as they walked by, I encouraged them to try playing, I taught some of the brave ones how to play. I also talked to blue, the booth owner. he asked me to watch the booth and keep doing what I Was doing while he went and did a show. I attracted quite a crowd with my hawking skillz, dashing good looks, and didgey goodness. "I do not know the price - I don't work here. I am just watching the guy's booth" was my mantra. he returned from his show and offered me a job. I'm now a proud boothie didgeridoo hawker. despite my unique relationship to girl scout cookies (which is different from my unique relationship to marshmallows), I LOVE being hawked to. people in the street yelling at me to buy their crap. love that. so now I'm a hawker. except I hawk with what looks like a log. I'm actually very excited about that job. my didge skillz will become more and more eleet as I play for an hour or two per day every weekend. blue is amazing when he didgeridoes it. I hope to get tips from him. and I'll upgrade my didge collection from
a cool one (eucalyptus)
a crappy one with a two part cool story (bamboo)
a cool one
a crappy one with a two part cool story
a good though not so cool one (pvc with bees wax)
a less good but not so cool portable better than crappy one (pvc sans bees wax)
besides... chicks dig didge.

I found out that there's no longer tumbling in closing pararde. how much does that suck? I'm kind of sore right now, so for the time being, it doesn't suck that much.

I got a compliment on the compactness into which I packed my tent.

I drove home to prepare for a friend's small birthday gathering. I got my dideridoo, some pillows, some lava lamps, the point, some gum. I already had some glowstick accoutrements. I was all set. time to pick up two cohorts and head over. we got there, and despite the sound advice of christopher michaels, esq we ate some mushrooms. we musiced, talked, laughed, observed, cuddled, pet, lounged incestuously, and had a wonderful time. we played the point. I didged along with it during the songs. if you haven't heard that, go buy it. listen to it. learn it, know it, live it. it rocks the casbah.

there's not much to tell about monday. it was a work day (yes - I stayed up late and did drugs on a school night); I worked. after work, however, despite my tumbling soreness, I played volleyball.

I think between waking up friday morning, and going to sleep monday night, I got about 9 hours of sleep.
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