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Rock You Like Q Hurricane - Day 7

no new mustard. still no amelie.

we were taking the metro to the latin quarter yesterday and we observed an insane french old guy. a lady sat down. an old guy sat next to her zhile another old guy approached. the first old guy sat next to the lady. she said she awas saving the seat for her husband (old guy 2). he said no. the husband offered oldguy1 the seat directly across... a move of less than a meter. oldguy1 said no and yelled. he said "you think you are in the states? this is europe! you are in france! I am french" and arguing ensued. exchqnges like like.
you are rude
I am not talking to you
I AM talking to YOU
you are silly
you are stupid

after the couple left, some french guy on the metro said something about his mother doing a fucked up job of raising him and hoz he should be nice to foreigners and he is part of the reason that the world thinks france is rude.

it was great!

we saw big cheering crowds yesterday. some fixed and huge, some roving, some on the metro, some only one person. it started while we were at the eiffel tower 2 nights ago around midnight. the crowd sounded forth a loud and lusty cheer (i joined them, but cassandra didn't). since then, cheering everywhere.
incidentally, inspired by the eiffel cheer, cassandra, whitney and I decided to cheer fridays at midnight. no matter wherre we are or who we're with (movies notwithstanding). we're going to cheer the weekend. the french folk are cheering for their favorite rugby teams... so far, we've only seen crip blue and blood red. no drive-bys that we've noticed.

I got some more presents for people.

I found a great new hobby. I stop people on the street qand tell them I'm a photography student and I want to take their picture. surprisingly (or not), qlmost everyone says no. I try to qrgue with them to convince them. they laugh.

but I do get pictures of interesting people. I met david - a dancer for riverdance paris. and jean who does videography documentary for the photography museum in paris. I got his card. he wants me to send him the pictures I took of him. I'm embarrassed and hope they're decent.

we tried out the non metro trains of paris. what's the difference, you may ask. well, so does whitney. we took those non-metros to the luxemburg gardens. the garden was great. garden patrol busted us for playing on a staatue. I thought it sucked that they'd be upset with us for playing on a statue entitled resistant students.

I looked at a lot of the pictures I've taken on jacqui's computer. already nostalgic and feel-goody about the fun things we've done and the good times we've spent together.

we went back to the gay district for dinner and searching for a god jelly orgasm vibrator. no luck on either count. we revisited the italian place that rocked last time. the service was probably the worst I've had in my entire life. food was good; not as good as last time. dessert was great. the service was so bad that sextoy stores were closed by the time we got out of there.

conner and jacaui left for home before us - we attempted jelly god shopping and they went home. we got there before them and worried a bit. no cell phones, no way of finding them, nothing to do about it at all. as it turns out, they just couldn't find a taxi.

yesterday was the first day I felt really good about my french. it took me longer to refrench than last time... without placing blame on my travelling companions... it's because I'm the only one who speaks french. so I end up speaking english almost all the time through no fault of theirs.

today we're going to plan our great paris egris.

picture count
722 digital
180 film

I looked up a bunch of vocab, but failed to write them down.
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