dan (dan501) wrote,

start spreading the...

like a late night call on the governor's mansion to death row hotline, the decision came over the phone late last night. at the 11th hour. it was decided that I'm off to new york. tonight.

I'm leaving tonight, arriving thursday morning, departing friday evening.
I'm half thinking of traveling light.
like really light. like bringing only a didgeridoo. I'd do that more for effect than my burning need to have a didge with me at all times. what kind of bohemian hippie would I look like if all I'm carrying onto the airplane is a didge?

the impetus for the trip is to go fight the man. on the man's turf. in a court of law. in new york city. remember how I got busted for putting up fliers for manic?

when we got busted:

sure, I probably could have ditched it somehow... the cop didn't seem to care that I live in LA and didn't care that I told him I couldn't come back to new york. I doubt the judge would have felt the same. if joe had gone to court, I'm sure I could have coattailed on whatever verdict he received. but that's not the point, yo? how often do you get to go to court? how often do you get to defend yourself before the man?

19 minutes til wapner.
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