dan (dan501) wrote,

Rocky You Like Q Hurricane - Day 8

monday 2:45 pm

jacqui and conner are gone. hope they got home safe. they left yesterday morning. I think I wrote that already.

time for a change of plans. the original plan was to leave paris today and go to the south of france and meander. then it became the plan to go to the south of france and take a day or two trip to barcelona - saltimbanco is playing there. but arrangements were difficult and expensive and annoying. so we're staying in paris. we looked for new digs. we're staying in a hotel tonight and then a different hotel for the rest of the stay.

in the webbar, we met an older cool gay guy who recommended our current hotel and also recommended "the biggest gay club in paris" and a transsexual movie (or something) put on by an organization called PoppinGays.

I bought a garden gnome. whitney has its twin. names are tbd.
last night whitney took a tea bath. that was fun. I took lots of pictures.

socks and socks... I think I'm up to like 7 or 8 pairs for myself.
garden gnome

no new mustard. I think I'm at like 6 or 7.

I haven't been writing down vocab... but I asked our landlady what the word for building is. I had a hard time explaining what I was asking. once she got it, she told me - immeuble (immobile). that sounded familliar and I thoguth that was also the word for furniture. so I asked the word for furniture. also having a hard time explaining what I was asking. it turns out that word is meubles (mobiles).

picture count
218 film
800 digital
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