dan (dan501) wrote,

we're ravin'. rave here.

saturday night, I was a raver. I might not have exactly looked the part in that I was wearing black jeans and a white t shirt. both of which fit between properly and snugly. despite my casual appearence, I regret that I didn't have anyone take pictures of me doing my thang; those pictures could have been money. here's the hat I was wearing. friend natasha made me this amazing fish hat. it was the only connection between my outfit and my raving inner child. notice how friend willow is wearing an octopus hat. we were so last year burning man.

I've never really been a raver. never went through a rave phase. I've been to one rave, it was a long time ago, and it was just ok. other than my affinity for cool hats, I don't look like a raver. I don't act like a raver. I don't listen to much ravey music anymore. my friend joker hates ravers. mostly because of the pants. he says he doesn't hate me. I asked him recently, and he said he originally thought I might have been gay. but never a raver. he's oker with gay folk than ravers. and don't get him started on hippies. heck, I don't even like ecstasy.

despite not liking x, and despite not doing drugs that often, saturday was one of those nights. I ingested psilocybin in the form of magic mushrooms. I mean, I said I was a raver... how can you be a good raver without drugs? so drugs I did and rave did I. while others in my little group were doing things like talk or look at blinky toys or listen to the point, I was spinning glow stick poi.

I was planning on entertaining those in my little party with my glowing extravaganza. that's all - not being a full on raver. I was enjoying the company of those out with whom I was hanging. then I had to refill up my water bottle. allow me to digress onto the topic of my water bottle...

my water bottle was my constant companion through the evening. normally, I carry a danpurse. it contains my camera, my keys, my phone, wallet, gum, etc. but that night, all I was carrying were my poi chains and my water bottle. unlike other trips where there were at least one constant human companion, I bonded with Water Bottle and my poi. it was very liberating to know that I didn't have anything that needed looking after. since I had no pockets, I was carrying Water Bottle like this Perhaps that explains the level of friendliness that "grew" between us. I have never been so hydrated in my life. I probably refilled Water Bottle 15 times during the night. good thing I didn't get hyponatremia.

< /digress >
at the beginning of the evening, I was playing with my crew and some kids by a tree. when water became my prerogative. so I wandered back to cuthberts to fill my water. it took me forever to figure out how to fill the water (it was new, a little confusing, and I got some weird directions; it wasn't just that I was on drugs. swear). then I got distracted by the glowey blinky main street electrical parade.

in any case, when I got back to my crew, there was no crew to which to get back. I had no idea where they went. I had no phone, no lights, no motor car. my only luxury was Water Bottle. I didn't know if they had a phone. I spent the next long time looking for them on and off.

in the course of looking for them, I ran into a techno playing raveish party with some wide open space. I started spinning. I was so zen at one with the poi. I was just sort of looking at the glowsticks and they were going exactly where I wanted them. it was unbelievably effortless. like a trance. I was in the zone. I occassionally would mess up when I stopped to think about what I was doing and how well it was going. I was so matrix with my spinning that at one point, I dropped a bottlecap from my hand... it fell behind me. as soon as it fell, I decided I was going to smack it with a glowstick. so I wheeled around, swung the glowstick and actually hit the bottlecap before it hit the ground. Water Bottle was all impressed. I was like whoa. during my spinning at the rave, I attracted quite a crowd. both onlookers and fellow spinners. I was attention whoring.

elaine and amy found me raving there. it was at this point that elaine pointed out that I was a raver. amy and I wandered around for a bit. I wanted to make it to the juggling sticks party. in my wanderings with amy, I ran into my original crew. the one I'd been trying to find for an hour or two. or four? we all went to juggling sticks. there, the real raving commenced. there were other glowey spinners there. it was great. I got complimented on my poi stylings - particularly when they were playing closer.

for some reason, I was particularly sensitive to smell the entire night. that mostly manifested itself in my repeated trips to the privy as a result of my newfound friendship with Water Bottle. one of those trips, I ran into todd from sticks. he was brushing his teeth. I told him I was amazed he could tolerate the stench in a prolonged activity like teeth brushing. I told him that I was all smell sensitive that night and that emerging from the privy was such a breath of fresh air (so to speak) that I would always break free of the privy with an extra big flourishing spinny move. I told him I felt like lando shooting out of the deathstar2 amidst all the flames. he understood. todd is cool like that.

so I spun wildly and freely outside sticks for what seemed like hours. at some point the music got quiet and that concluded the ravey portion of our evening. in the glow of afterrave aftermath, I sat in the cage and had mellow conversation with cool folk. I did some bottom free yoga. but the entire night, I kept my poi chains on my fingers and I kept Water Bottle with me. I was one with the two of them. I felt all skinny legs and all with my anthropomorphized animated inanimate objects.

should I add being a raver? I now keep Water Bottle on my shelf of cool stuff. in the margarita glass. just above my burning man ticket. but other than being a better spinner, I don't feel different.

does one night make a raver out of me?
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