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Rock you Like Q Hurricane - day 8

monday 10pm

we went to "my old paris hangout" rue mouffetard today. it was great. somewhat melrosey. in that it used to be underground and cool (I think) and now it's a bit more mainstream shoppy than it used to be, but still pretty cool. I talked to the bartender and he directed me to the bartendress that I talked to last time in paris. he told me where she's now working and her name (which I almost remembered). and the place to which he directed me is very close to somewhere we were going to go. perhaps I'll say hi. I got a black russian which is what I mostly drank last time I was there.

we are staying in the new hotel tonight and moving to place #3 tomorrow. theoretically, that should be our last place on this trip.

I felt like my cousin vinny yesterday and todya... remember the part in the trial where joe pesci is arguing withe the southern guy about making grits? the guy claimed something that implied that he'd cooked grits in 5 minutes. joe pesci asked "does it take water less time to cook into a grit in your house than everywhere else? do the laws of physics cease to apply on your stove?" the way in which I've felt like that is the dryer that came with our previous hideout. it didn't dry. I set it over and over. I felt inside and it was hot. I looked at it and it was spinning/tumbling. it kept doing that and no matter what, clothes would not dry. I checked and water was not being added. I was/am very confused... I wonder/ed if there's some 3rd ingredient to drying of which I am not aware. I think that tumbling and hot are all that's required. but no...

I got some more presents for people and I finally got the amelie dvd.

it's a lot easier to buy prescription drugs here than in america.
iranian food in france is not what tiggers like best.

the world cup is happening somewhere. there's also a rugby event of some sort goign on. the french are going nuts. I'm tempted to try to wake up tomorrow morning at 8:30am and go to whatever I can find for a sports bar and watch the people go really really nuts. france is playing denmark in the world cup tomorrow. at least I think it's am not pm. could be wrong. it could be happening RIGHT NOW.


1 didgeridoo (yes)

1 didgeridoo carrying bag

2 new hats (did I mention the other new hat last time? so now I have 3 new hats and a grand total of 6 hats)

2 cds as presents

1 Le Fabouleux Destin d'Amelie Poulin dvd

1 new orange weekly metro card

1 harry potter et l'ecole de sorciers paperback

nothing new to report... except that in packing up from the last place, I realized that I really do have a lot of mustard

picture count
833 digital
228 film
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