dan (dan501) wrote,

weekend whirlwind world tour - day 1

this weekend. just starting, right? well, not exactly. see, I've been rockin this weekend eight days this week. friday 6/20, a week ago, my weekend started. and my week has been ending since then.

this is what I look like now and here is where I am now .
my week will continue to end until sunday night 6/29. what you're about to see is the story of my trip to new york, drive home from new york to LA, and the hang gliding which is to follow.

a week ago, I took in the sins production of grease 2. I dressed as a greaser and matched rydot pretty well:

note the prop cigarette dangling from my pouty freckled lips. that will be important later. with that cigarette and my trusty fonzie outfit, I placed 2nd in the costume contest - as "greaser" or "calvin klein model" or "james dean guy" depending on to whom you listened. nobody in the audience knew the movie. I was the only one singing, when I was singing. I could have sung along to just about every song, but it's not as fun when you're the only one. the most obvious fast forward scene in grease 2 is rex manning's solo song. it's worse than hopelessly devoted to you. so when that scene started, I started hollering for them to fast forward. I felt a tinge of bad for bernie that I was basically booing his solo scene. however, he came out and held up signs basically saying that this song/scene sucks and they're not doing it.

unlike danny and sandy, I stayed out way past 10 o clock. I got home some time around 3:30 or 4 am. I didn't feel like sleeping as I had to be at the airport around 5:30am for a flight to new york city. and I'd yet to pack.

I spun some poi, played some didge, puttered some computer, did some etcetera and finally packed. by the time I'd finished my procrastinating, I realized that it was 5amish and I had to drive about an hour drive to get to the airport. no didge this time, but I still traveled light. I just took my backpack with an extra pair of clothes, some toiletries, two hats, a bunch of film, and my three cameras. not bad, considering the voyage upon which I was embarking.

I raced to the airport without getting a speeding ticket, despite deserving one. I got to the airport at 6:15ish for my 6:40 flight. security was a bitch. I didn't have time for them to search my film by hand. I gave up on any asa 1000+ film that I was carrying. that means that they ran some high speed film through the xray machine. as I recently learned the hard way, when you run highspeed film through the xray machine, you get a wavy hazy foggy line through each negative. it kind of sucks. but as it was, they were in the process of accepting standby passengers when I arrived. I was the last passenger to board. as I was still wearing the greaser2 outfit, I kept the prop cigarette with me. I counted - I was told 12 times before landing in new york that I'm not allowed to smoke here.

I fell asleep before takeoff. landed in phoenix for a plane change. I got out, got a burrito (don't get me started on airport food), got back on the plane, and fell asleep before takeoff. I was awakened over new york when they asked me to return my tray table to its upright and locked position. I hadn't checked the weather, but it's new york in june. I was expecting hot and muggy. when they woke me up, I looked out the window and saw white cloudy rainy crappy weather.

landing in new york marks the end of the first day of my weekend.
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