dan (dan501) wrote,

weekend whirlwind world tour - day 4 (monday 6/23)

(sorry for the delay - I was just got back from being out of town again since thursday 7/3)

monday. oh eight hundred. what does the oh stand for? 0 my god it's early. after the tantamount-to-marathon walk I walked yesterday, I was amazed when I rolled out of bed at such an untimely hour. but up I was required to get. for I had to make it out to queens soonish to meet the bellydancers and get moving.

all by myself, I navigated from harlem to queens to the flop house. I felt accomplished. not like I just walked 10 miles through manhattan accomplished. not like overcoming visceral fear and conquering death accomplishment (dude - check out the bad-belly video of me doing a backflip that I just added to that post). well, now I'm not feeling so cool about taking a couple of trains. but I felt cool at the time.

when I arrived at the queens apartment, we packed our heap of bags into the not so heaping car. we got all in, toeses and noses. we whipped out our trusty map and headed off in the wrong direction. seriously. kind of. we were looking for the 495 west and we couldn't find it anywhere. we ended up getting kind of turned around in manhattan. we took this bridge a couple of times. we eventually fled the wrong bridge and hooked up with a (possibly not THE) correct bridge. we were off like a prom dress to new jersey.

know what I saw in jersey? besides the most outrageous toll ever? not a lot. there was a lot of greenery. some industrial crap. lots and lots of toll booths. we stopped for something minor in new jersey. maybe pee or gas or map checking or something. it wasn't all that entertaining, but it helps dis indiana later.

I had this idea before we started, to take pictures of every "welcome to" state sign. but, as it turns out, the majority of them seemed to let it slip. not just that I was a slacker and missed the picture, although that happened sometimes. I meant that sometimes there simply was no sign welcoming us to the new state. it was kind of disappointing. when we started the trip, I contemplated how they managed to put a sign at every road that led into their state. well now I'm no longer impressed because they simply don't do it. fuckers. the first state I missed was the first state - there was no welcome to new jersey sign. kevin smith would be upset about this. but at least we saw this interesting tunnel:

pennsylvania is a long ass state. it took forever to make it through PA. I felt like a smurf asking "is it much farther, papa smurf?" on a long road trip. pennsylvania was kind of an annoying state too... there were a lot of cops just looking for speeders. we passed hershey by about three hours before we inquired after it. we were told that it's right near allentown. lucky allentownites. we stopped for pizza that tasted like chuck e cheese pizza. we passed signs for punxatoney, middlesex and beaver valley express. but none of them had a second sign of which I could snap a picture. thankfully, at least I got a picture of the cool sun on road, the cool sunset, and

unlike new jersey and pennsylvania, ohio rocked the welcome to ohio sign. we stayed nearish toldedo, ate some subway, and got a group picture of our first night out on the road.

we contemplated breaking in to another hotel's jacuzzi, but thought better of it. we slept well. we'd had a full day and were all tuckered out. we sleep that night near toldendo, OH.
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