dan (dan501) wrote,

weekend whirlwind world tour - day 7 (thursday 6/26) (part 1)

still half asleep, I groggily watched motel 6 appear in our rearview mirror. well, maybe a quarter asleep. didn't stop me from repeatedly asking the girls if we could stop to see the rodeo that was "in town." you know, the one that meant we almost had to sleep in the car or drive through the night as all hotel rooms in gilette, wy were taken. well, every room but their four fastest. with my childhoodish and/or gay dreams of stopping at rodeo in wyoming dashed upon the wyoming rocks, I set my sights less lofty. I asked if we could stop at the kum & go to take some to take pictures. we had a small discussion as to whether or not the knew. I say, of course they know exactly what the name of their kumpany means. what kind of blockhead do you have to be to not know what the name of that company implies.

buffalo, wy had some breakfast for us. breakfast and a rootbeer float. fondly recalling the meat in montana from 10ish years ago, I decided to have a bite of dj109's steak sandwich. unlike last time I did this, in paris, I didn't take a picture of it this time. I was deeply disappointed in the meat. I don't know if montana beef is superior to wyoming beef, or if we ate at a crappy place in wyoming, but inferior. way inferior. after the subpar cow, we went around back to check out the ferris wheel and merry go round (where the painted ponies go up and down). we also checked out the soda jerks and got that rootbeer float. not great. better than the steak sandwich though. dude - even the cricket was better than the steak. they totally don't fuck around in wyomin, apparently. the dukes of hazzard knew a thing or two about driving sans pavement. but check out this truck. someday the mountain might get 'em but the carwash never will.

you remember that whole no hotel rooms because "there's a rodeo in town" situation in gillette? well after about 4 hours of driving, we came across the rodeo in "the rodeo capital of the world": cody, wy. I'm from LA, right? there have been some pretty big events in this town's history. but even when manic opened in LA, I don't recall any 4 hour drives between the last remaining hotel room and the event for which you're hotelling. I wonder if they outgross monster trucks in wichita. trixijanet should go to cody. that's where her restaurant is located.

we drove by crazy woman creek road. unlike other signs, I was prepared for this one:

(photo note - this was also shot on the "toy" camera and cross processed). we drove through the mountains on our way to jellystone national park. orange you glad I didn't say over the mountains and through the creek? I love pictures of windy roads taken from moving cars.

grey bull, wy is a fairly unremarkable town. that's not exactly true. it's sort of biremarkable. as in there's exactly two remarkable things about this place. first, they hold livestock auctions ever friday in grey bull. it sucked that we didn't have time to attend. I aim to attend a livestauction some day. in case you were craving some cartoon sandwich action, there's

this total coincidence that I look like a caricature with natasha's body. it's further coincidence that bullwinkle is pointing at me freakily. I wanted him to tell me that the park is closed. but alas.

made it to yellowstone. I hadn't been there since childhood. it's kind of a pretty place. lots of winding road kodak moment opportunities. there's also

plenty of other beautiful stuff. but if you drive with the windows down for too long, bellydancers in the back seat tend to get cold. while inside this national repository for nature, we encountered a 50s style gas station. more of a service station, actually. no dinosaur, but they had a coverall wearing, tire gauge in breast pocket toting attendant who washed the windshield. we saw geysers, but not ol' faceful. we saw lots of nature, but as far as animals not to feed, just a stork and a chipmunk.

as we were pulling out of yellowstone, we concluded this entry and told you to wait for day 7 part 2.

I had a fun birthday party a while ago. spun lots of fire in jonathan's back yard. one of the snacks I provided was a big tray full of marshmallows. huge. like 5ish pounds of mallows. just now, I realized that marshmallows was not on my interest list. dude. how can you have an experience like this and not list marshmallows on your list of interests. here's a large (10 megs!) video of me and the fire courtesy of jonathan.

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