dan (dan501) wrote,

up and out

all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I packed through the night. I'm ready.
I am so excited to be returning. I can practically taste the playa.

I finished packing and went to go take the first load of stuff to my car. as I walk out my door, I realize that I have no recollection whatever of the car's whereabouts. I'm wearing just jeans, a pink cowboy hat (crushed velvet seats) and crazy sunglasses. I'm carrying a 2.5 gallon paint bucket and a sewing machine. walking up and down (mostly down) my street looking for my car. after walking about 2 blocks the wrong direction, I remember and go to load the car. a neighbor of mine appeared to be loading his car for some longish trip. he was wearing a mormon looking white shirt and black pants. I couldn't help but smirk at the contrast between me and where I was going vs him and where I only assume he was going.

I didn't really plan this here outfit for this photo, but when I realized what I was wearing and that I'd just been wearing it outside, I couldn't pass up the kodak moment.

come find me - I'm with camp prometheatrics. we're near (not at) the corner of creed (2nd back from the esplanade) and ridiculous (7:30). look for the trampoline, the mirror box, the scaffolding.

in a few scant hours, I'll be going home. I love my beautiful life.

when next I update you, I will be a different person. on the other side of the jetplane mentioned in the first line. where will it take me? last year, it literally took me to new heights as I piloted an airplane for the first time.

this year?
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