dan (dan501) wrote,

home again, home again, joggety jog.

ok. this isn't the big france wrap up that is forthcoming. but I am home safe and sound.
I am all but defintely going to faire tomorrow.
rumours of my franceness have been greatly exagerated and perhaps I will attend cassie at velvet

and why did someone just call me at 3:30am with a wrong number?

I gave away my french didgeridoo. I could have brought it home. travelling with a didgeridoo is much less problematic than one wood think. the didgeridoo made it to the washington dc airport and through customs with no problems. it was a jaunt of a plane ride, a taxi ride, and a whitney car ride from being home... then we decided to stop for ice cream.

the ben & jerry's in the airport guy knew what it was and asked if we'd just come from australia (from which didgeridoos and iocane powder hail). after we got ice cream and talked to him for a second, he said it was cool that I found a didgeridoo in paris. then onward we moved. then it occurred to me that I could possibly change this 18? year old soda jerk's life by giving him something for which he yearned (shut up).

so a minute later, I walked back to ben and jerry's and gave the guy my didgeridoo. he was astounded, he double and tripled checked that I was serious, he proclaimed me the coolest guy ever to the ice cream delayed customers. he was all too happy to take a picture with me.

dig my new burning man glasses and tell me I don't remind you of hunter s thompson in this picture. actually, I was more reminiscent of hunter s thompson in real life than in this picture.

as cheesy as it sounds, it really made me want to do more stuff for more people.
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