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how many posts do I have to start with "wow - that was quite a weekend" before I just sort of leave off that header? maybe this will be the last time.
guess what. I had quite a weekend.

as I'm still digital cameraless from burning man, there will not be any cool new pictures. try these older ones on for size instead...

so today is thursday, right? I've been busyish since about friday. here's the brief rundown.
friday night: greek dinner. saw underworld
saturday morning: french class. see karin's above underworld writeup for a review of french class as well.
saturday night: concert and fire spinning gig
sunday: got a massage, took a nap, group viewing of carnivale.
monday: not much. I was kind of tuckered out.
tuesday: ethiopian food and cirque du soleil
wednesday: ween concert at the wiltern
tonight: shopping at trader joe's.

"more detail?" you inquire
"what of the photos?" you probe
"twenty minutes?" you ejaculate
well... two out of three ain't bad.

we assembled at daniel's house before driving to greek dinner. when we walked up to the restaurant, a line of people were bunny hop line dancing to a greek rendition of hava nagilah. we had resin flavored wine. it tasted kind of musty. I had a bite of a greek meat dish that was pretty good. the great greek is right across the street from my elementary school. as we were leaving, I went into the liquor store that I frequented as a grade schooler to get my candy fix and to develop my fascination with gum. then off to the galleria to see underworld. no spoilers, but when the movie was over, I said that were I to write a review, my review would sufficiently and merely say "what in the sam hill?" upon further consideration, I'd alter my review to say "what in the sam hill? well, at least the girl was hot"

avec des yeux lumineux et une queue touffue, I dragged myself out of bed to go find karin to carpool to the french quarter of ucla. as karin described, we had an interesting run in with didi riese and jerry's famous deli regarding cookies. and lack thereof. I did somehow manage to make my gift of cookies to the class and everyone seemed appreciative. mostly in english. wussies.

after dropping off karin after class, I packed up for the mystery event in santa barbara. I was unsure what to expect from this event. some of the propaganda made it sound like a rave. some made it sound like a burning man decompression kind of thing. in any case, I was in because this was to be my first paying gig as a fire spinner. can you believe that malarkey? someone was to give me money to spin fire and entertain people. I mean, that would make me a professional, right?

after packing, I went down to hawthorne for aaron and amy's get together birthday clambake. at this shindig, I found out that yet another of my friends is going to have a baby, and then took a nap. I found an empty gallon container of vodka, cuddled up with it on the couch, and took a nap. I was later told that there are pictures of me and my vodka.

I headed off to past santa barbara around 9ish. the drive went much quicker than I expected. we showed up around midnight. that was fine as we were contracted to start performing at 2 amish. that fact tickled me pink. my first paying gig entails taking the stage at 2 in the morning. the event turned out to be nothing like a rave. there were cool people, the music wasn't so audibly dominating that we couldn't talk. it wasn't crowded.

we wandered, we found our fearless fire leader, we went over the plan, we helped set up. it was I who suggesetd that the blacksmith forge be stationed somewhere other than near our fuel station. so far so good.

the opening of the fire portion of our evening was to be at the same instant, on the same beat as when the featured band started to play. unfortunately, the band was having technical difficulties. the ongoing joke was to the fire breathers: "go ahead and put the fuel in your mouth now." as in, we're starting in about 10 seconds. that went on for about half an hour after the first time they said they were starting in under 1 minute.

I did some of the fire thing, and saw some amazing performers. but then my attention was consumed by taking care of a friend of mine who was having a bad drug experience. I was really into what I was doing with the fire thing, but I was also happy to take care of my friend - I know the same would be done for me. the unfortunate part of that is that I didn't feel like I pulled my weight enough with the fire troupe to ask for payment at the end of the night. I probably could have, but I didn't want my first paying gig to be half assed like that. so next time, I will be fully assed and get paid - no doubt.

don't let my talk of technical difficulties influence you about the band. I L O V E D them. they're amazing. I intend to see (and hopefully perform with) them any time they're playing anywhere near here. the band is called mama sutra. they're an excellent funk jam band that is basically a human incarnation of dr teeth and the electric mayhem. they played from about 1:30 am until about 8am with only one break. amazing.

when my friend and I were walking away from the stage due to the bad drug thing, they started playing a song to which the main lyrics were "you're too high. way way too high"

totally see this band any time you have the chance. if you can, spin fire with them. but you know...
we stayed up all saturday night and got bananana macadamia nut pancakes at IHOP in valencia on the way home sunday.

I have no pictures, but I was dressed as a watermelon. pink with black seeds bandana on my head, red pants, no shirt, pink and green glitter sparkley on my face, awesome hand decorated watermelony chuck taylors et le piece de resistance: a green shiny cloak with pink watermelon fabric as the liner.

then went to the cool vegetarian drive thru in pasadena and on to the international house of jamescakes for the group viewing of carnivale. while the show is entertaining, and I like the folks, I think I'm pretty done with attending that weekly event. I mean, it's television.

not much. I cleaned my room a bit. nothing terribly exciting. call it a day off. I mean, I did work and all... so it goes.

after work, I rushed to meet the people in hollywood for ethiopian food. we all fed each other with our fingers. In general, I have a bigger mouth than everyone except karin and when I eat, I take big bites. so the bites I prepared for other people were whelming. whereas the bites that others prepared for me were a bit unsatisfying.

then from little ethiopia to the circus tents in a staples center adjacent parking lot. I've never seen varekai before. only a few more cirques to go after this one... I drove past varekai as I was driving out of new york and I was frustrated that I didn't get around to seeing it then.

varekai is definitely not my favorite cirque, that distinction is held by mystere. it was stupendous nonetheless. one of the best parts is that when I was ordering tickets, I got to do it in french. I printed my willcall confirmation page in french. the first cirque guy we ran into at the gate spoke with a french accent and smiled at me.

my first ween show. you may remember ween from such hits as push th' little daisies and can't put my finger on it. if you don't listen to them, you should. henry rollins as nice things to say about them. my favorite part is how diverse their style is. ween has made SOMETHING that you must like. did you know they even made a country album? they were great live, but I was a little disappointed by the normalcy. I expected them to be more strange... convulsing, playing accordians, something. but in terms of a rock show you'd normally see, they had a pretty normal aesthetic going on.

and tonight is hedwig

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