dan (dan501) wrote,

Poi Spinning Workshop - Los Angeles

there will be no fire involved as this is aimed at a beginner-intermediateish workshop (no prior experience is required) (those with prior experience are also welcome).

have you seen me, or anyone else, spin fire? how about glowsticks or blinkie lights at raves? maybe ribbony fluttery things? interested in learning to do that? do you want to add fire spinning as an interest?

many people have asked me how they can learn to spin poi. I have told these many people that I'd look into it. until now, I've managed to dodge requests, not answer phone calls, wear sunglasses and do everything I could to procrastinate. and now I've failed. so here's the into it...

hows about an all day poi workshop. in the neighborhood of 8 hours. it will start with an hour or two of making your own set of poi and then hours of spinning instruction. with a break for lunch.

we'll also go over a bit about fire materials and safety, but since the class won't be lighting up or endorsing you to light up after your one day of training, we won't spend much time on fire. hopefully.

the workshop will primarily be conducted by my mentor, brianna. I'll be the TA.

the cost will depend on how many people participate. the cost will include materials for making your own set of poi. the location has yet to be determined - somewhere in LA. the date has yet to be determined - within a month or so. once I've got a list of who wants to participate, I'll coordinate a date and location that works for as much of everyone as possible.

if this sounds cool and all, but you have no idea what I'm talking about, check this video of me spinning poi at the bottom of this post and this other post with a bunch of pictures

comment here or email me if you'd like to participate.

thank you
(did anyone appreciate the icon?)
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