dan (dan501) wrote,

what a strange week it's been...

I just got myself re-connected. it's been over a week of discontinuity, disengagement, disarticulation, discombobulation and lots other disses. and you may ask yourself - what caused dan to land in the land of dis prefixes? is it the scorched earth the size of rhode island that has become of southern california?

is it that my very first girlfriend is about to give birth (I have pictures, but I don't think she'd appreciate me publicizing them)?
is it the govenator? the strikers? the other strikers? mayhap this striker?

nope. I had misplaced my link to the world. not that. not that either

on thursday, almost two weeks ago, I left my cell phone in a friend's car. as I watched her drive off, I realized that I'd left it. I contemplated trying to get it back. I mean, she was about to go out of town. but I was to see her about a week later. I thought it would be a fun little experiment to live without my phone for a little while. while it was not my intention to leave the phone in her car, I could have made some effort to get it back. so it was only mostly unintentional that I was without my phone these past almost two weeks. the aforementioned dissing was the result of my phone secession.

on the other hand, it really makes me appreciate
Jesse Kingsley's Apartment Burned Down

His belongings, however, are not.

This is a call to arms to come to the aid of our dear friend Jesse. First and foremost he needs:

1. Clothes! (preferably men's though he's not that picky - he lost everything)
2. A place to stay while looking for a place to live (preferably in the valley, though again, not that picky)
3. A place to live (the idea of a houseboat is currently appealing to him but he'd go for an apartment, I'm sure)

He could also use love, support, money, food, diversion, and maybe some sex (who doesn't need that, right?). And once he finds a new place to live he'll need everything from furniture to forks.

He's holding up, but needless to say the devastation was, well, devastating. He (and those of us that love him) would GREATLY appreciate any help you can offer, whether that's kind words or a surfable couch.

Thanks guys! (whitney wrote that - I don't claim credit for the wit of devastating devastation) (but if you have clothes that you can get to jesse in the southern california area, I'd be happy to try to organize collection. just comment...)
. I mean, I've had some disorientation and some botched plans. but it's not like I have to start shopping for all new mustard, hats and converse. let alone replacing abba, hedwig, and my heterosexuality. some people under this smoke filled sky in southern california have had to start replacing more than mustard.

I went to a party last saturday night. a few of us got ready at a friend's house in hollywood. I brought my car keys with me, left my car in hollywood, and left my apartment keys in her apartment. I drove us (in my friend's car) to a dia de los muertos event in hollywood forever cemetery and then to the party. when I was ready to leave the party, my carpool co-swimmers were ready to stay at the party and get jiggy widdit. I planned on going back to hollywood in the friend's car. leave keys there and bring my car home. but lo - I couldn't get in to the apartment to get my apartment keys. the result was a lot of displanning, dispondering, disscheming and sort of a weird feeling of disarray. none of it directly related to my phone, but all of it about the disturbance in my force.

was that paragraph a little confusing and hard to follow?

that's how I felt.

but all is now well. phone and I have been reunited. cord has overtaken discord. everything's good in the world.

when I checked my voicemail, it said that my mailbox is full. I have 26 new messages.
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