dan (dan501) wrote,

hey you a/v folks...

cough rydot cough boymaenad cough kalanip cough timchet cough anyoneelse.

ok. so now I'm out to shop for that region-friendly dvd player that I've always wanted. rather than doing the work/shopping myself, I intend to try to rest on others' laurels.
or at least try.

here's my list of wanted features in order of priority - what should I buy?

doesn't require additional purchase (a la black box cable descrambler) to make any of the following feature requests work

plays dvds of any region and doesn't need to be reset if you "move" too often.

plays cd-r and cd-rw discs of MP3s (ogg?)

holds multiple discs

will work well with my current setup... I have a yamaha rx-v490 sound thingy and some largeish sony tv with no apparent model number.


I'm far from an audiophile or videophile (is that a word?) so the amazing crisp high quality picture/sound thing isn't that important to me.

last time I checked, apex made a 3 disk player that fit most/all of that bill. but that was a long time ago. anything new?
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