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I love my beautiful life

forgive me, father, for I have sinned. it's been one month since my last confession.
remember how I lost my camera at burning man this year? since my last big update, I done got me a new one. I was very much missing not carrying a camera all the time. as such, this post is mostly photos of pictures of what I've been doing these past few weeks. each picture has a story. each picture further has a bigger picture linked. get the big picture.

y'all ready for this?

section 1: I love my beautiful friends
a friend of mine who works in a camera rental place got to borrow a badass camera for the weekend. during this weekend, I bore witness to four of my exceedingly hot friends making out on a couch. how many of you have decent photos of you doing hot sexy things? I mean nice photos, not raunchy or pictures without effort. not enough of you, likely. teaa pointed out to me a while back that she doesn't have any pictures of herself crying. I extrapolated her wisdom and started thinking about photos of real life intense situations. not exactly candids. certainly not posed. it's a difficult task for a model... to continue about one's emotional or hot sexy business as someone shoves a two and a half pound camera in your face. check out the hotness and sexiness that is my friends. you should have seen it from the other side of the camera. hot in deed.

jnwarneck jdj jndjfoot jjw
(I got permission from all of the make outers before posting those pictures or even showing them to anybody)

section 2: I love my beautiful attention whoring
chuck, who doesn't read livejournal (and probably shouldn't until he finds gainful employment), did my zombieish makeup. dig the yellow shirt? there's a monthly thing thing called wumpskate. it's an industrial gothic rollerskating night named after wumpscut. it's exactly what it sounds like. without shopping, I can't do much of a gothic industrial getup. half-assed at best. whereas I only believe in doing things fully assed, I went the other way. pink and fluffy. the cat in the hat outfit was for halloween and jonathan's (amy's?) animated character birthday party. the top hat and eye slash thing was for the dia de los muertos event at hollywood forever. the photo with me in the big boots is just that. we were walking by the stripper stores on hollywood blvd (we love it) and I saw these boots in the window. I was going to get them, but I just cannot see spending $600 on boots. dude.
danchuckscarymakeup danpinkwump dancatinthehatzoot dantophateyemakup0530 danbigboots

section 3: I love my beautiful fire
here's a couple of me doing that fire spinning thing. one amazing one of jason doing his fiery thing. and whitney, who hadn't fired in about a year threw down for my camera. I mean, I suppose it was more for her than specifically for my camera. but whatever.
dansnakes jasonbigthrow whitneyfireeat dansnakesbehindback

section 4: I love my beautiful ?
these are a bit on the miscellaneous abstract tip. these, more than any other on this page, I'd be curious to know your opinion. what do you think of the photo? of what do you think the photo is? anything else you have to say about them. I take negative criticism as well as positive - let me have it.
balloons deathscalator deweywindow fisheyecitywalk knobsroad pleasureisland weirdthing sunnydoor

section 5: I love my beautiful martini
I didn't even realize I had a beautiful martini. but lo and behold - the proof is in the pudding. I somehow got on this kick of taking photos of martinis.
bigmartini chessboardmartini closeupmartini greenmartinilights

section 6: I love my beautiful friends (again)
while not as hot in the sexy way as the above beautiful friends sextion, these photos float just as much of my boat. this bit is more about eating things in the animal planet way, not the spice channel way.
teaaface jesseboas jesseface jessehappy jesseboachuck teaahaircut

section 7: I love my beautiful los angeles
while this section may not be quintessential la on the surface, it kind of is. I wouldn't have gotten any of these shots in a city where I didn't drive myself about. or if I had gotten them, they'd be different. the sunset with the super redness was about the time of the fires. but I think the photo is from before the fires and that was just a cool sunset. the other crazy sky picture is a result of the fires.
trafficscape coronaleaf freewaydrivingmorningfire

section 8: I love my beautiful dancers
I went to a desert sin show and saw some wonderful dancing, some bad dancing, and some darn cute dancing (desert sin was of the wonderful persuasion). dig if you will that crazy purple haze one that likely should have gone in the abstract section. can you make out that that's a man, not some crazy lightshow?
blacklightdancer desert-sin-black redcapedancer

section 9: I love my beautiful mom
my parents recently got back from being out of town for a couple of months. during their absence, my mom sent me a care package. I opened it up and immediately saw this:

and I thought to myself - that's great that mom sent me a package. but why would mom send me a black n decker anything? so I continued opening and saw this:
momfront momback

I lol'd. not only did mom send me a humorously marked up care package with a magritte reference, she sent me mustard. but not just any mustard. my cool mom sent me bone suckin' mustard. how many of your moms are cool enough to send you something that says bone suckin' on the label? how many moms do you have? my mom rocks the casbah.

so that's what I've been up to. I've had an vivacious couple of weeks. everything is going swell.
I love my beautiful life
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