dan (dan501) wrote,

oh. my. god.


last night started in a quandry. when I yabba dabba doo'd out of work around 7:30, I was torn between playing florence nightengale to my sick friend or painting the town red with some other friends. as I contemplated this momentus decision, I repasted and did some catching up with my roommate.

long about 8:45, I was talking with the town painters, making my contribution to their tagging plans, when the call came. in scant moments, I deserted both my friends.

I was invited to perform at the premier of cirque du soleil in pomona.

don't get me wrong, it's not like I was in cirque du soleil or anything quite so godlike. when a cirque show premiers in a new location, they have a foo-foo invitation only party with crab stuffed mushrooms, cocktails, little napkins and entertainment. I'm with the band. I was part of that entertainment.

pomona is about an hour from my house. I'm to be there around 10. recall it's like 8:45, savvy? let the mad rush begin.

first order of business is making sure I have my special fire shoes, which last adorned my feet at burning man. next I found my poi, fuel, glowsticks. I considered the watermelon getup, but opted instead for the stage prop guy all black outfit. and out the door with a mad flourish.

I arrived only a few minutes late. unsurprisingly, I was not the last to arrive. when I got to the gathering spot, I asked someone if there was a conveniently located privvy. he pointed at some bushes and told me right behind there. I'm ok with that, so off I strolled. I didn't pee in the bushes because, as the guy literally said, there was a bathroom behind those bushes.

the disarray was palpable. at one point, we talked to one of the in charge cirque people who said "fire? you're doing fire here?" there were trucks on our stage, we didn't really know where the audience was to be, there were all sorts of bright lights.

as with everything from laws to sausages, the audience had no clue how muddled the process through which they got their laws, sausages or fire actually was. the audience ooh'd and ahhh'd and could not palp our disarray.

there's this guy... one of my favorite fire performers... I was mesmerized by the style with which he poi'd from the first time I saw him. he was there last night and complimented my style. he said I'm a much better and more unique spinner than when last he saw me. wow. compliments are wonderful from those you admire.

one thing on which I concentrated last night was audience engagement. I looked them in the eye, I smiled slyly, I beckoned, I slithered, I got right up next to them, I interacted with them. their reactions were inspiring.

at the end, tedward, our fearless fire leader said "welcome to the loop" and remunerated me with a ticket to varekai. said ticket is now in my margarita glass of cool stuff... next to my ravin' water bottle and burning man tickets.

do you know anybody who doesn't exagerate on their resume? would it be bad to append mine with
12/03 - performed with cirque du soleil?
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