dan (dan501) wrote,

no time for love, dr jones...

here's the quick & dirty...

I'm now a resident of exotic hollywood, ca.
I'm now living alone for the first time, ever.
I've got the best doorbell and toilet seat in the world.
I've got a new fridge which is dedicated soley to mustard.
I've now got a computer which will play dvds. the day after I ordered a new dvd player.
I've got no internet connection at home. kind of sucks.

last weekend, I was going to go to idaho to visit a friend and to ski, but got snowed out. so I've got my raincheck and I'm going to idaho soon.
tonight, I'm leaving for new york.
tomorrow night, I'm leaving for israel.
I've never been to israel - I'm going to try to not get blown up.
they don't speak french in israel - fuckers.
I'm bringing my copy of skinny legs and all.

I have reservations to visit vegas (and see zumanity) in february.
I have a plane ticket to visit alaska in february.
I have plans to visit nepal some time during the spring.
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