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file sharing story for pbs

jeffrey kaye, has been a friend of my family so long that I don't recall a time before him. but it's not like we keep in constant contact. I was sitting at work today when my phone rang and I was surprised at the announcement that jeffrey kaye is on the horn for me.

o kaye.

we exchanged pleasantries until he asked me if I know anything about file sharing and movie downloading. for those that didn't click the link, jeffrey is a newsman. he produces and writes documentaries and news things and magazine things and chills with jim lehrer. without stopping to think that I'm talking to someone with that kind of trusted relationship, I automatically dropped into guarded vague "maybe I know some people who might do that sort of thing some of the time..." mode. I mean, I've downloaded a few bits and bytes here and there. and I know that the big record labels and movie studios have gone off the deep end suing their clientele. but as we talked, and as I remembered who I was talking to, I realized that he's not interested in busting anybody. I asked and he said he's working on a story for news hour with jim lehrer about downloading movies from the internet.

after we talked a while about my views and experiences, he asked if I knew anyone else... other downloaders. he's looking for the entire spectrum.

I asked if he's looking for the 17 year old college freshman sitting in her dorm room listening to her downloaded/burned tatu cd while downloading a copy of crossroads, watching mtv and ogling ashton kutcher.
he said yes.

I asked if he's looking for the goatee sporting, slashdot reading, leonard cohen listening technopagan who is morally opposed to the RIAA and MPAA and downloads as an act of civil disobedience while boycotting major hollywood movies and cds.
he said yes.

I asked if he's looking for the black hat hacker who releases trojan horse programs to hax0r your server and store movies and steal your bandwidth.
he said yes.

I asked if he's looking for the guy in the middle of the road who used to use napster but hasn't heard of gnutella.
he said yes.

I asked if he's looking for consumers who support the record labels and movie studios. who think that file download is the crime to end all crimes. who think that the VCR really is to the movie industry as the boston strangler is to women walking alone at night. those who think that the righteous record labels are looking out for the artists' best interest by suing grandparents in texas.
he wants them too.

he's interested in a bit about the nuts and bolts of what you use to download... kazaa, napster 2.0, gnutella, bittorrent, dc++, emule, freenet, winmx, morpheus, audiogalaxy, scour, whathaveyou as well as your own particular methodology.

his story is about downloading movies, not music. he's interested in what you think of the MPAA and its tactics and rhetoric. not so much the RIAA.

he's interested in knowing how you feel justified in doing whatever you do. do you feel like you're stealing bread from the mouths of jack valenti's kids? do you feel morally right? do you care?

he's interested in knowing what you think of the future. is the MPAA going to keep the current business model is has had for the past buncha years? is there a revolution coming? how will it come about? what will it be like?

if chatting him up and giving him the low on your down tickles your fancy, give him a ring (or email) and tell him dan sent you...

jeffrey kaye
jkaye at kcet dot org
jkaye at newshour dot org

as I said in the beginning, I'm pretty certain that this guy is not an undercover agent working for the fuzz. I think you can trust him with your exploits and not be concerned with your legal safety.
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