dan (dan501) wrote,

hotel hot potato

well I messed this one up good and proper.
I've been in las vegas on business these past few days.
several friends are joining me here tomorrow and some more on friday.
I checked out of my business hotel room this morning.
it is currently 6:30pm. I can check in to my weekend hotel room tomorrow - possibly as early as 9:30 am, says they.

that leaves me 15 hours or more to kill without a hotel room.
how hard can it be? I mean, I showed up for an entire weekend in maui with no hotel room.
I've already sneaky sneaked my backpack into the "hotel guests only" baggage check at this hotel. pretty sneaky, sis.
in the last couple days, I've met a waitress and a dealer, each of whom may have a lead on a couch on which to crash. so far, I told the dealer that I'd do some headshots of him and the waitress that I'd take her hat shopping in LA when she makes it to the coast.
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