dan (dan501) wrote,

Musee des Femmes

dan presents Desert Sin presenting Musee des Femmes

the show is playing tonight friday 3/7. as well as friday, saturday, sunday 3/12-3/14. the show is jawdropping - I've seen it twice. if you're in LA, you should make it a priority to see it. if you're not in LA, this show is good enough to come to LA to see. tickets can be gotten from the above musee link.

here's some pictures I did of the show (click any picture to get a bigger one. everyone wants a bigger one - spam tells me so)
joanswordcalmorangegod joanswordperturbed joanswordpissedoff joanswordcharging

joankneelingpraying joankneelinghoodwithorangegod joanatpeacewithcross joankneelingwithsword

kali3legup kali3skirts kalionekneeling kaliseated

mataharicloseupstaring mataharigentlemen mataharishotgentbehind mataharibloody

snowqueeninbox snowqueenscissorhands snowqueenextrude snowqueenreachforheart

snowqueenchangeofheart snowqueenchangeofheart2 snowqueenshakethatheart snowqueenkneelingsanscrown

redshoesbroken yellowsnakeswordhead yellowsnakeswordonefootshadow blackcatsmcleapin

caroselextruded cassandrahairdressing djaharicloseup2 jeffreydamnit

jeffreydamnitcorset jeffreydamnitsil yellowsnakeonstairs uvcat

(if you liked the contents of the pictures, but won't get to congratulate the performers in person, email them and tell them how much ass you think they kick.)
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