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immediately following my trip to new york and israel, immediately preceding my trip to las vegas and nearly immediately preceding my trip to alaska, I went on holiday to visit mo and diane in the city of snakes (footnote to eddie and ry). here is my schedule for that couple of weeks:

but, as technomadia says, when everything is up in the air - it means you're flying.

during this weekend, I
rode BART - learning of the brown car tradition (which google seems to think is a hoax)
attended a dinner party for chairmas
rode in one of san francisco's 5 taxis
went wine tasting - bought a case of tasty syrrah. come over and get some!
inspired a new book of poetry, the first entry into which was rather good. speaking of which, mo could not stop singing the stupid quiznos/rather good singing annoying guy's we like the moon song.
saw diane arbus' exhibit. I think it's in LA now - check it out. it's worth it.
saw the worst parade EVER for chinese new year.
encouraged product testing of a "viagra for women" over the counter sexual stimulant about which mo owes me a journal entry.
learned that some popular weblog folks get stuff in the mail from their readers. I felt both cool and lacking when I realized that all I've ever gotten in the mail from y'all was a Kum N Go lighter. (thank you redtuesday - I still have it).

without further ado, here is san franphotos volume 1 (all pictures are thumbnails - get the big picture).

mo has had the misfortune of my acquaintance for 13ish years. she lives downstairs from lesbians, no longer works at starbucks, can probably answer all your soft tissue injury questions and is a swell poet.
mo-in-diner mo-bright-window dan-mo-jenfu mo-bart-poetry mo-abandonning-car
portrait of mo in a diner at breakfast. they've got crappy plates on the wall and a cool antique typewriter.
mo and me waiting in jen's beautifully lit lobby whilst we prepare to go wine tasting.
me, mo and jen
mo commencing that book of poetry I inspired. don't she look cute when she's writing?
mo bidding a fond final farewell to her car. see, mo's prior car has been dead for months and was almost towed. so we dropped it off at the fix-it-or-total-it grease monkey. I took a bunch of pictures of mo and this farewell. I later realized, however, that all the pictures I took were of the wrong car. the car in that picture is just some car that happened to be in the parking lot. my bad.

wine tasting
I've never been wine tasting before. as far as I can gather, it's when you get liquored up and drive around beautiful snooty neighborhoods and pay low prices for tastes of pretty good wines. we were aiming for napa, but only made it as far as sonoma.
artesa-vineyard-water-monol artesa-vineyard-mo-jen-stai bridge-blue-sky dan-at-vineyard mo-jenfu-wine-tasting mo-leaning-on-door
the artesa vineyard was unbelievably scenic. and their wine was good. not tinny as jen claimed. this picture reminds me of terry gilliam. I don't know why. can anybody explain that to me?
same artesa... mo and jen running up the stairs.
on the bridge on the way to the vines. speaking of which, if you haven't seen girl on the bridge, see it. I just tried to buy it at amoeba. the movie is in french and the only copy I could find had chinese subtitles. fuckers.
nice greenery at some vineyard whose name I don't recall
mo and jen slurping wine - in fine vegas tradition, we got to keep the souvenir glasses
mo leaning against the doors.

in addition to the diane arbus photo exhibit, the weekend I was there was chinese new year. and what else is there to do for chinese new year but honk up foot traffic in san francisco with a parade? not really an else, but what you do is you put on the god awfulest parade ever. I can't think of a worse parade I've ever seen. it started an hour late, the drummers had no rhythm, everyone in it sucked. except the
dragon-parade big-shogun-parade cell-phone-paraders pirate-paraders dan-jump-at-parade
dragon. except the dragon. the dragon was cool.
the big shogun with the fireworks and the blue smoke was cool too.
cell phone! in a parade. I mean, the doodah parade is one thing... but these cheerleaders were just chatting merrily away.
the guys with the pirate drums would have been cool if they could drum. though as much as they couldn't drum, they were way better than the guys in front of them, but there's only so many times you can hear an all percussion peter gunn theme.
I wanted a better view of the parade. so I took this picture while I was jumping. I'm mid-air there. note how everyone around me is short? I'm not standing on anything. swear. anybody remember the "lay her" picture from paris? somehow, I have the exact same expression on my face in that picture in which I'm jumping. makes me wonder what I look like when I play volleyball.


in walgreen's, I came upon a new product (so to speak). finally. it's billed as a female sexual stimulant. and it was ON SALE! somehow I pulled a bugs bunny and convinced mo to give it a whirl and write me a report. and all it cost me was $4.99. do me a favor and email mo and ask her when the trip report on the finally is forthcoming (so to speak).
dan-market-sanitary-family- finally-receipt
here's the aisle finally is in. "sanitary family planning diet"? doesn't anybody read these things?
here's my $4.99 receipt for finally.

some day I'll need no introduction...
dan-bigger-hair dan-big-chair dan-emergency-plank dan-fork-on-goggles-in-dine dan-licking-dessert dan-overstuff-toilet
dude - did you check out my hair? it's huge!
chuck has a picture of me in a similar big chair. the cool thing is that chuck has his own big chair as opposed to me finding a big chair in the lobby of the harry potter bar.
anybody want to caption the emergency plank one for me?
is that a fork hanging from your goggles or are you just happy to see me?
there's this fancy shmancy vegan restaurant called millennium. every morsel was delectable. at the end of dessert, in this fancy shmancy restaurant, I licked the plate. it was a good non-specific symptom that I knew wouldn't land me in a doctor's office.
I can't remember which establishment had this toilet overstuffing message in their wc. speaking of wc... if you're a john irving fan and live in LA, go see the pension grillparzer. in the world according to garp, garp wrote a short story. that short story was the pension grillparzer. they geniusly adapted it for the stage and are showing it for the next couple weeks. I saw it and recommend it.

misc, unlike me, has reached a point in its career that it no longer needs an introduction.
bathroom-stilllife leaf-on-windshield museum-staircase yellow-flowers yucky-toothpaste
mo's bathroom has some beautiful stuff...
evocative of the leaf picture in the los angeles section of I love my beautiful life
the staircases at the san francisco moma where diane arbus was were really cool
I've been taking pictures of flowers lately. a bit odd.
mo's bathroom has some scary disgusting stuff...

I left for san francisco friday after work. I got home on the late late plane at 4amish sunday morning. monday morning at 7amish, I was on a plane to vegas.

stay tuned.
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