dan (dan501) wrote,

no pictures, but...

well... not NO pictures...

even without the proof in the pudding pops, I assure you I have somehow managed to keep busy.
the biggest reason for the lack of pictures has been my focus (sorry). I have been devoting more time and energy lately to fire spinning than to photography. there are two main venues that evidence this focal shift. the main inspiration can largely be attributed to nick.

let me to take you back to burning man '03... actually, this story is best relayed in two emails I sent nick just recently...

were you at burning man '03 on wednesday (or so) night in center camp with baggy pants, no shirt, and spinning poi with 3 blue glowsticks on each chain? hope you were he - I've been trying to figure out how to track that guy down since I saw him

(he said yes)

an interesting thing happened to me while I was watching you in center camp... because of how unified with your poi you appeared, it seemed almost that they were acting of their own accord. when you traded with that guy who had the pair of glow-in-the-dark staves, I was taken aback at how the poi were not working the same for him as they were for you

I mean, he was so striking that memories of him spinning and indelibly burned into my memory. I don't even know what I had for breakfast this morning. seriously. as fortune would have it, he was going to be in LA in a few weeks. I made arrangements to take workshops, take him out to dinner, and to learn what I could.

his workshops were structured as beginning classes and advanced classes. now, I fancy myself a pretty decent poi spinner. so much so that I considered taking the advanced one and skipping the beginner thing. I talked with some of my poi spinning friends who were thinking the same thing. I wound up doing both workshops and being taken completely by surprise. the beginning class kicked my ass and gave me sooooo much to work on that the advanced was almost unnecessary.

as a result, the first venue has been that I've been spinning just about every day on my own.

venue two is that I've been spinning in front of a plethora of strangers lately.
I've been performing at fang club.
I performed with mama sutra at the joshua tree music festival
and I "performed" at faire. juggling styx, the booth for which I hawk, has just just just strated selling poi. as I'm the only poi spinner in the booth, it's my responsibility to spin in the streets to lure people, teach them stuff and hope that they buy something.
I'm probably going to perform with mama sutra again at another music festival this weekend.

and on the topic of busy, faire, and mama sutra...

this past weekend was yet another in my developing trend of badass weekends involving joshua tree.

mama sutra was scheduled to play at 9:30 at the joshua tree festival. my plan was to leave LA around 5, stop very briefly at faire at 7, make it to joshua tree around 9. I figured I wouldn't actually make it there by 9 and I figured they'd go on around 10-10:30.

friday, I left work eary to make ready and for to go. after packing, I left my house around 4:30. I'm not sure what I was thinking, being ahead of schedule and all. traffic was fair and I made it to faire around 6:30. amazing, yet again. I picked up my fire spinning accomplice at faire and off we dashed for joshua tree with a trunk of explosives and three lines of directions. just wait until the poor bastard sees the bats...

everything proceeded swimmingly with the joshua tree folks. our name was on the list. we were with the band. we got the cool sparkly wristbands. the cool sparkly wristbands were all the the parking lot guard had to see... we were in to the cool kids' parking lot.

we stepped out of my car and into the perfectly temperatured night air at 8:59. again with the punctuality. mary poppins would be terribly proud yet surprised. I'd have to tell her to close her mouth - that we are not a codfish.

we found the band with no problem but punctuality flew out the window like a loogie destined for your little brother in the back seat. 9:30, right? the band guy tells us that they're on after this band that's playing... probably an hour and a half. all righty. I mean, it's not like we've got a long drive back to faire ahead of us or anything.

we each took a turn spinning fire in the street, with the blessing of the jtree authorities no less. we raised awareness and promoted the band, we meandered back to the bus to get a new ETA. you know how before it was that mama sutra was on deck and an hour and a half? the new story is that it's now about 10 oclock and we're on after the band that goes on after the band that is now setting up. uhhh 9:30?

mama sutra took the stage around 1:30. dude. we had originally planned on being back at faire around 1:30. nonetheless, we lit up and spun our fiery little hearts out until our fuel ran dry.. we took off around 5am.

after a few nods, we determined that I wasn't exactly fit to drive. we stopped for coffee and rice pudding at a 24 hour diner sporting the big dinosaur. evocative of pee wee's big adventure. though different. I had 7 cups of coffee. 7!

we made it back to faire around 7:30amish. went to sleep, woke up around 8:30. rise and shine, there's lots of toast and jelly.

which brings us to the faire portion of my poi focus... today, saturday, or last night for those who didn't really sleep, is the first day in the history of the styx booth that we've sold poi. I poi'd in the street for hours upon hours, taught bunches of lessons, and helped to sell out our entire poi inventory.

sunday, I left faire a bit early to attend a mother's day celebratory dinner. the 3 mothers present have a combined 7 children. my dad and I were the only 2 of those 7 present.

after mother's day, I went to cassandra's birthday masquerade. it was to be a mostly casual masquerade bar room blitz. my attire, pictured above, somehow seemed to fit the occassion. I stepped out of the bar, still in costume. two girls, one of whom doesn't like to hump, got out of their car and asked to take my picture (pictured above) so as to mark up the polaroid and send it to this guy in sweden on whom she has a crush. after the polaroid, we went to vons because we heard they had cool pants there. unfortunately, that turned out to be a lie. if you're going pants shopping, don't go to vons.

I'm still wearing my all access wristband from friday night.
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