dan (dan501) wrote,

I'm performing with fire and a kick ass band - come see me

I'm performing fire with the mutaytor this saturday night at I am cosmic which is part of the electric daisy carnival. allow me to illustrate just how much you want to come to this...

mutaytor is a huge band. like 75 drums, 10 drummers, some dj mixey stuff, sometimes horns, and a whole squad of visuals performers doing things like dressing as elvis and swinging from the ceiling, dancing, drumming, shaking it - and spinning fire.

sylvielviswinging karislookingdown suzeqshakingit turbanaytor
all pictures on this page are thumbnail links to bigger better pictures. get the big picture

for the last couple of weeks, I've been hanging out with them, helping out where I can, and getting to know them. the first day that I hung out in their practice space, I was wearing a very flammable silver suit. spinning fire was requested of me and so I took off all my clothes save my boxers, shoes and socks so I could spin fire. this is the kind of people they are. my kind.

you know how at some concerts, there's someone shooting video of the band and it's projected onto a screen above the stage? they do that a lot. a couple weekends ago, at the health and harmony festival in santa rosa, I was on stage being that video shooting guy a couple of weeks ago. in front of thousands of people. when the video honcho guy was talking to me, I had to ask how one uses a video camera... he looked a bit concerned but seemed ok when I told him I'm a photographer but never been a videographer. an auspicious beginning, says I. speaking of that weekend... new friend josh and I started out that weekend friday night going to a "white noise party" in santa barbara where attendees were to dress in all white. check this picture of me spinning white glow poi and then check the whole album (there's a great one of me pumping gas in my white vinyl skirt) (josh is wearing the white jumpsuit and david bowieesque makeup in the pictures) (seriously - please click the album. josh has been overjoyed with the number of visitors his gallery has had and it would tickle me pink to add another hundred visitors. please do your part. and the pictures are cool. and I'm wearing a vinyl skirt and makeup. and there's hot girls doing aerial tricks)

rayray bryankneeling idipyoudipwedip russelportrait

our intent was to go home after the white party, pack, and then head to the bay area for the remainder of the weekend. long about 3am, the white party winding down, we contemplated our options. even though neither of us had a change of clothes, a toothbrush, or a towel (mos def as ford prefect? nice. warwick davis playing the paranoid android? nice), we elected to skip the home part of that trek.

so that is how I ended up on a stage in front of thousands of people wearing a white vinyl skirt and petticoat. you should have seen the front desk girl's jaw drop when we checked into a hotel at 5am dressed as we were. brilliant, I tell you.

last weekend, mutaytor headlined at the avalon in hollywood. that's the club that was formerly known as the palace. it's a huge poshish hollywoodish kickass venue. that night is when I shot all the stills you see before you. important note - these stills don't do the show justice... due to laminate and security issues, I was only able to shoot for about half of the show. for example, I didn't get any pictures of the fire performance. not only did they sell out the 1200 capacity club, there were hundreds of people turned away at the door. the crowd went crazy the entire time.

suzequpsidedownkali karisblindfolded ray kalamiteeonback

I cannot say enough about this show. it's thunderous, it's boisterous, it's high-energyous, it's completely overwhelming. the music goes so well with the visual performance. rather, I suppose, the visuals go well with the music. the dancing, stunts, costumery, and performers of the visuals team is jaw dropping. there are hot girls, hot boys, and lots of amazement.

and I get to be part of it saturday night.

seriously - come to the show. it will be totally worth it. I also know a few of the other performers. ticket info is here

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