dan (dan501) wrote,

mutaytor weekend

holy fucking shit...

(check out the rest of the pictures here)
(note - my friend anthony will be very proud of me for dancing with an open mouth like that)

well boy-howdee, that kicked ass.
a boatload of hard work, but worth the price of admission.

starting thursday night... I went to mutaytor hq to help pack the truck for 3 gigs... half the team went to cabo, and team dan had two local gigs.

the real fun, however, started friday... I left my house at 8ish to be at monster headquarters in costa mesa by 10. in costa mesa, we toiled in the sun. we set up drums, speakers, stuff and some more stuff. we showed to a bunch of monster employees in the hot sun during their lunch break. some looked confused, some looked enthused, and a few even picked up hula hoops and played with us. according to the band, we impressed the guy we needed to impress and there are mutaytor/monster doins a' transpirin.

from costa mesa to dan bernardino we whisked. I'm not kidding. on the mutaytor call sheet, it said dan bernardino instead of san bernardino. I am fairly convinced it was in recognition of my splendor. we arrived at the electric daisy carnival site at too darn hot o'clock and toiled our hineys off. we unloaded and set up trucks, big ass speakers, drums and drums, and our entire freakin stage.

we toiled from hot oclock friday until like 2am, went home, got some shuteye, came back and toiled again starting around 9. when toil was done, we had a fine looking performance area, complete with propane torch canons, confetti canons, lots of rockstar lights, a big stage, lots of drums, rockstar fan barricades, mailing lists and the whole rockstar shebang.

now is the time on sprockets when we dance...
well not really. dancing is later. but now is the time on sprockets when we relax and check out the other stuff. the checking out had two big highlights.
1. since we were inside setting up, we were the first people to ride one of the rides. it was a spinny one that ended up with some loops and spins, fastness and loud music. I think they had it set to super badass instead of just badass. I rode this ride with two other veteran roller coasterers and all three of us said that we lost partial vision, started to black out and would have completely passed out had we not realized what was up and made concious effort to remain concious. I've never been bitchslapped by a ride like that - ever. not even your mom.

2. dj big head was spinning and mc xyz was rapping up a storm. I'm not normally a huge rap fan, but go see xyz if you ever can. he rocked the casbah. during their set, smoke billowed from one of the big ass speakers. like billowed. we ran to get fire extinguishers as xyz rapped about the speaker being on fire. the fire got put out, but the speaker was crispy like bacon. and dusty from the extinguishing powder.

I also spent a ton of time and sweat hawking before the shows. that means during the assorted dj sets, I was spinning poi in the crowd. I was doing everything I could to impress them collectively and then talk to individuals and get them to show up to see the mutaytor shows. I also got a lot of them to quit being spectators and bang on the drum/percussion/car sculpture there which wsa spray painted with a burning man insignia and "bang me." I love love love hawking... it's one of my favorite things about working at faire.

ok, NOW is the time on sprockets when we dance... the first show started and we drummed and danced, fired and spun, and put on a show. the crowd loved it. which was sort of surprising. this crowd was mostly ravers. like archetypal super duper mickey mouse glove waving, vicks vaporub on the surgeon's mask inhaling, big pants panting, big hat hatting, blinky pacifier sucking 15 year old candy ravers. but they all loved our show. the mutaytor shows were the best attended shows I noticed... nobody else squeezed people shoulder to shoulder like we did. I spun fire and shot video during the first show.

during the second show, I spun fire twice and shot video.
the third show was different. between the second and third show, up showed a bunch of mutaytor regulars. I heard the band talking about mostly featuring their regulars during the third show. I'm going to be not surprised, but disappointed if I don't perform in the third show.

I was hanging around inconspicuously when they were making the list of visuals performers and set list for the third show. with each song that was listed, and assigned to a different visuals performer, I felt more and more like the kid not picked for kickball. when almost all the songs had been assigned, and none of the guest performers were on the list, I got suggested and confirmed for my very own solo (let's say I found and linked a wav of kermit the frog saying yaaaaaay and waving his arms wildly). I felt honored, rewarded, and cool for making that list.

but that's not all. not only was I signed up for a solo, due to normal rock n roll disarray, I ended up spinning thrice during the third show. rock on, christian soldiers.

after the show, we toiled for hours breaking down the entire thing and taking it back home.
some people went to the after party. contrary to my bohemian superhuman reputation, I went home to crash.
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