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it's 6:45am. I must be lonely. that is as true as it's ever been about me. I'm not lonely in a bad way. as such, I suppose I'm more alone than lonely. quite alone nonetheless.

I'm in connecticut. I'm working. hard. a while ago, my brother was working hard on a project and the outgoing message on his voicemail was something like "thank you for calling. I'm way working ... hard ... right now. I might not be able to get back to you for a while. but it's good to hear your voice and I'll get back to you when I can." his somewhat haggard stressing of the word hard very palpably conveyed how hard he was working. as I haven't heard my voice in over 15 hours, I can only assume that it would have the same haggard quality and it would stress to you just how hard I'm working. but since I'm not about to start phone posting, you'll have to do with taking my word for it and imagining my brother say hard to grasp how hard I'm working.

or... it's now friday morning at 7am. I've been up all night. since monday morning, I've worked 65ish hours. I worked hard yesterday, I'm gonna work hard today, and I'm gonna work hard tomorrow. I'm not taking a day off in the next month or so. I'm even wearing my engineer hat that I got explicitly for the purpose of wearing when I've got a lot of techy work to do.

the reason? I've had a project at work that I haven't been able to get done properly for the last long time. so I'm here, borrowing this house. in utter seclusion. I can't even see the neighbors' houses from here. all I can see is forest. I mean like forest forest... I've seen a deer, fireflies (first time ever), a rabbit, squirrels, a blue jay, a cardinal, a snake and some long leggy spiders. I've only left this house a couple of times this week. once was to get toilet paper.

those of you that have talked to me about my day job and my life plan know that for a while, it's been my goal to change my job so that I can telecommute and travel. well - that's what I'm doing now. this is the first big step in the biggest transformation of my life in a long time. possibly ever. this 6 weeks or so, spent alone in this house in connecticut is a 6 weeks I'm going to remember for the rest of my life.

not just for the opportunity to start changing my job. this is the first time I've ever been alone. I can't remember another time when I've gone consecutive days without seeing another person. it's quite an exercise. I recommend it.

I'm taking this seclusion so seriously that I'm skipping my birthday (in 4 days). I cancelled a beach bonfire that was to be held in honor of my birthday so I could come here and be alone and undertake this task.

as my brother said in his outgoing message, it's good to hear your voice.
while I cannot hear your voice, I'd like to get a little connection - both for my seclusion and for my birthday. I'd appreciate it heaps if you sent me something by post. it can be a postcard, a vermicious knid or anything in between. it can tell me happy birthday, it can tell me solitary birthday, it can be birthday unrelated.

include who it's from, or not, at your discretion.
dan Gordon-Levitt
c/o General Delivery
Wilton Post Office
Wilton CT 06897

thank you. as this time I'm spending here is a seminal moment in my life and I'll remember it forever, everything I receive will be something I cherish. I'll start a special spot for this stuff right next to my margarita glass of cool stuff. thank you.

I'll be back in time to see you on the playa.

though I'd prefer postal stuff, a kind word of encouragement here would also be meaningful and appreciated.
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