dan (dan501) wrote,

this hurricane's done rockin'

it's only tuesday and I'm writing my final france wrapup thing. I am impressed. I was really expecting to get to this sometime next week or something.

the last night was at the same time a lot of fun and somewhat saddening. I had a swell time. I did end up dressing in drag and going to the gaybitrans bar and then on to a club and then back to someone's apartment for chatting and drinking.

it was great because meeting frogs and hanging out with them was one of my goals for the trip that I didn't really feel like we accomplished. so I was really happy that I got to hang out in a real live frog apartment, drink frog wine, try to keep up with a multi-person slang filled frog conversation, etc.

the same thing saddened me. if we'd met these people earlier in the trip, we could have hung out with them more and we could have been introduced to more of their friends and had a grand old time. oh well. not like I didn't have a grand old time anyway.

one of the guys we met is a queen named david. he says fuck you, dahling. it was his apartment (shared with his boyfriend) where that multi person conversation happened.

I was out until around 7 am that night. got up around 9:30ish to pack and head off to the airport. after packing, I think I could have tried to make it back to shakespeare and company for the cool stamp. I think I could have made it. but I didn't try.

so we take a taxi to the airport. the cab driver guessed the wrong part of the CDG airport. apparently there's two "terminals" which are about a 5 minute drive apart. we told him united airlines and he took us to the air france terminal. he sucked.

we had a fun time going through security at the paris airport. I was amused at playing my didgeridoo in the airport. I was amused at putting a didgeridoo through an x-ray machine. everything got a security sticker. all of our passports, my didgeridoo, cassandra's jacket. I also happened to forget my didgeridoo after a serious security check into one of the gifts I brought back. I left it leaning up against a wall. they found me several minutes later and asked if it was mine. I was relieved they didn't have it confiscated by security as abandoned luggage.

then I bought bad orange juice in the paris airport. I knew it would be bad. I bought it to try it. I wasn't disappointed - it was bad. it reminded me of unrefrigerated orange juice from summer camp. exactly what I expected.

the flight was fun. I sat next to rebecca from boston. we talked a bit. I talked to the flight attendants in french. one of the flight attendants commented on my funky burning man sunglasses. she asked to try them on. she went and talked to her supervisor while wearing them. she rocks. I got a picture of us.

the movie they showed was crossroads. I looked and looked, but they weren't showing it in french. fuckers. I watched the I love rock n roll scene. I didn't watch the whole movie. I think whitney and cassandra did. I was more impressed by prince and madonna.

in the washington airport I met amy the loyola marymount first year law student returning from a month in europe. this was after I gave away my didgeridoo. this was also after customs. customs was uneventful. they were unimpressed with my mustard. we (lmu law girl and I) talked a bit. we were each journalling our eurotrip. we each tried to pay for a boring caesar salad in euros. we were each disappointed that the flight from washington dc to la would have no food. whitney and cassandra weren't pleased either.

the flight was uneventful. there was sleeping. then we got a cab back to boymaenad's house where we packed whitney's car full to the brim and I drove them back to my house.

the end.

ps - I will do a final inventory later. I'd like to do it now. and I have all the inventory laid out on my floor ready to be taken inventory of. but I have to go.
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