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final inventory from france

now that I think about it, this isn't really the final inventory from france. there's a bunch of stuff that I have that I'm going to give as gifts.

so here's what I have so far...

24 things to be given as gifts

rolly polly suitcase to tote all the extra stuff back from france

pack of camel cigarettes

pack of pall mall cigarettes

10 packs of french gum

burning man sunglasses (from the prior two entries )

34.09 euros
18 and a half francs

orange metro card with "rogueish" picture
2 orange metro tickets

"la seule difference entre moi et un fou, c'est que je ne suis pas fou" salvador dali postcard.

rue mouffetard shot glass and hangy uppy thing

25 pairs of socks. I'm not sure how many I'm going to give as gifts.

8 hats

2 lighters

amelie dvd

package of "double copy" paper which I hope is the same as double feuilles

2 copies (different weeks) of pariscope. the weekly city guide of goings-on.

garden gnome

rosary from notre dame. I may give this as a gift at some point. but my current plan is to send it to kevin smith and write him some sort of letter. any suggestions?

3 packs of extra big european gummy bears for use at rainbow carnage

2 dresses and 1 sheer draggy/clubfaggy shirt

choose your own adventure erotica book

2 spritzers of the cologne I wear

1 spritzer of the girl version of the cologne I wear. in the store, there was a tester bottle of what I wanted. and there were two different boxes right next to it. nothing else of that same brand. one bottle said lotion and one said eau de toilette. I wanted spritzer so without doing any further investigation, I got the spritzer. turns out that that tester was not the same thing as the box right next to it. so... anybody want some perfume?

3 packs of men only lube. seriously... it says "glisse entre mecs" which as near as I can translate is "slip between men" (slip is a verb, as opposed to a noun like "something slippery")

2 condoms
5 condoms (different kind)

baguette pen
turn-it-upside-down-and-the-lady-gets-naked pen

a bunch of french makeup

le petit prince (in french)

harry potter a l'ecole des sorciers (in french)

man ray photography book (in french)

kiss kiss by roald dahl

card from boob-bourg. the lesbian bar we visited

blue boy swizel stick from the gaybitrans bar

15 mustards (I missed one before)

266 film pictures (I dropped off all but the last roll that's half done for developing today)

1301 digital pictures/movies


thanks for reading and encouraging.
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