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prometheatrics - camp of the fire demigods

prometheus, for those that don't know, is the guy in greek mythology that gave fire to humanity.
theatrics, for those who don't know us, are showy flashy antics or presentations.
together, for those who don't know, they make showy flashy presentations with fire. as do we.

prometheatrics is the name of the camp in which I hang my hats. all the pictures herein are pictures from in an around prometheatrics, predominantly of the inhabitants. each picture has its own story, and for every picture you see here, there's many pictures on the cutting room floor. each with their own story. sorry you're missing so much of it, if you missed so much of it. try harder to get to burning man next year.

dan-w-sculpture heather-brandon-box-perchin jessica-scaffolding-pirate- all pictures are thumbnails. click for the bigger better badder version

the toppy top picture is quidam. he's our de facto fearless leader. he put more effort into making our camp cool than anybody and it would have been far from the same without him. who else do you know what lights joints with magnifying glasses?

I brought sculpture again. sculpture and I had some quality time this year. we cuddled on a couch, we warded off lawsuits together, and I adorned sculpture with a new bit of legalese. but all in all, this photo is the most flattering to both sculpture and to me. I mean, dig if you will sculpture's eye's character lines and my manly jaw.

the box. the box is the mainliest of our main attractions. I've talked with strangers who said "oh yeah - you guys are the ones with the bouncy mirrory blow your mind box! I've got to get back there." to misquote quidam: you've got to get a load of our box. it's a hollow 4 foot cube with mirrors on every interior surface. we suspend it, point down, from scaffolding. you climb inside and it's suspended from bungee cords so you're see infinite reflected in every direction and you're bobbing around like a bottle in the ocean. we give you blinky lights and glowsticks and then the piece de resistance - we hit you with a strobe light. it will freak your shit right out. to misquote firefly, it's a hypercube. it's bigger on the inside than on the outside. we're being monkeylike as we put finishing touches on our mind blowing shit freaking contraption.

nobody would surrender to the dread hippie wesley. so we stuck a cute scantily clad girl on our scaffolding along with our pirate flag. the white cloth below the jolly roger was mirrory rainbowy reflecty sparkly fabric we strung up all over the place.

danknottytruckerhitch red-portrait glowing-red-velvet-jesus-cr

I learned some ill boyscout skillz in putting up that self-same scaffolding and reflecty fabric. no matter how many times or how many people explained the rabbit going around the hole, I couldn't muster the effort to remember how to tie a bowline. but that didn't stop me from getting midieval on the trucker's hitch

look at this next picture... the girl with the red hair and nails. uncoincidentally named red. this picture is kind of posed and evocative of some portrait centers. or maybe some past executive's photo in the conference room of a big evil multinational conglomerate. her bottom arm framing and supporting her face and body and keeping it from falling from the bottom of the photo. looks quite serious. however, at second glance, you'll see that she's holding a tortilla. she's fixin a snack and not paying me the slightest heed.

this red velvet jesus has been to every burnign man with me. the elvis of jesuses has sat on his king of kingly throne next to anubis annually. jesus was particularly appropriate two burning men ago - its theme was religious. jesus got crucified in the middle of our chill space. jesus also has quite a godly glow.

theresa-goggley-closeup mercedes-daniella-wet todd-tcob

I can't put into words what I like about this picture. I love the look of the big goggles, I like the wind-swept wisps of pigtaily hair. but I still can't put my finger on why I keep looking at that picture.

there's these water trucks that drive by during the day. the trucks look like the pied piper as a gleeful partially adorned group nips at their heels as they drives by. the ice cream truck of hamlin. these two water nymphs just got back from chasing one such truck. then they fed me a popsicle. it didn't suck.

sunglasses, work gloves, hat, invisible ipod, invisible walkie talkie, that guy gets it done.

larry-crystal-shiny eliza-shakin tea-fairy-tea-horn

I don't know where the crissy crossy lens flare came from. but he's there mucking with shining magnifying glass light the thing with the other thing. that was the beginnings of the cool opaque goggles pictured below.

it's amazing how, when you point a camera at someone, they'll do all sorts of outlandish things if you ask them. this is not a prime example as she does things like shakes her head all about without prodding from me. but in this case, she had no particular intention of shaking it, yet she shook it for the camera. I'd make "shaking it for the camera" an interest if I could.

there's kind of a big story in this blowing the red horn picture. I'll come back to that one.

dan-opaque-color-goggles sammy-glowing-in-tent larry-smokin

if you've never walked around with opaque goggles in the middle of the desert, I suggest you give it a whirl.

the guy in that tent might look like a mild-mannered stoner. but in that glowing tent sits one busy photographer. remember I said I made about 1300 pictures during burning man? he did about 3000. fucker.

I had a fascination with how smoking looks in pictures, still and otherwise, before fire became as significant a part of my life as it has become. I always watch people smoking and since starting photography, I usually think about whipping out my camera and trying to capture the moment. more often than not, smoking, like rain, looks better in real life than in still pics. looks great in movies though.

dan-brandon-shower legal-disclaimer-sculpture- jason-portrait

we had showers that made other burning man folk green with envy. others shower by standing on palettes with a karate kid shower costume around them, somehow crouching while holding aloft a couple gallons of water. we had a trailer with twin tiled stalls and a drainage system. our water suspended by bar, lifted by pulley and secured by trucker's hitch. doug deserves the overwhelming bulk of credit for the showers, but the pulley system of raising the water was accomplished during this photo.

this is our legal disclaimer, sculpture. he prevents us from being sued by drug crazed bounce seeking hooligans. without her watchful eye, who knows what heck (or neck) would break loose. he stands just at the edge of the road - keeping watchful over that trampoline. if you look in the far right background corner, you can see our showers of marvel. the other interesting thing to note about that picture is the ground. there's lots of it. and you can see it. it's open. without a bunch of stuff camped atop it. this picture is probably from friday or saturday before the curtain went up on monday. if I were to take that same picture a week later, you wouldn't be able to see the mountains at all and there'd be all sorts of jumble in the background.

it's a smile. it's a look of wonderment. it's a pair of big glasses and a faire hat. a camelbak modified to facilitate drinking without using hands. this is another picture at which I keep looking and keep not figuring out why.

brandon-monkey-ropes dan-jessica-box-emergal brandon-heather-ghetto-look

of some people, it has been said, burning man is a playground tailored specifically for their desire to climb on and play with everything. myself included, though I am neither pictured climbing nor playing.

this picture, like the red horn above, is part of a bigger story whose telling I will defer.

I almost put this picture in the below chill section. however, despite laying on their back, they are far too active to be fully chillin. I made this picture in "the ghetto." the ghetto is the central chill area of our camp. it's where the red jesus lived as well as the couch, the carpets, and the big tarpy tarp.

brandon-jason-scaffold building-space-station brandon-climbing jessican-hanging

notice how there's a lot of the same characters building stuff over and over. that's because we, the vanguard, got there early. the intended result was that come time to pack it all out, we, the vanguard, were to sit on our collective respective butt sippin' smoothies as everyone else toiled. the seated bearded gentleman in the photo astutely observed that "sippin' smoothies" was just a euphamism for working your ass off.

though I may look strangely superimposed, and despite the bluey bluescreen shade of sky in the prior picture, I really am there and there's no trick photos or cg in that picture. we had a massive dwelling called the space station. this is the crew constructing it. I was asked to document it and this is the most blue-screened picture up with which I could come.

I recently mentioned the part about climbing on stuff, right? which is one of the things I like best about burning man. it's the opposite of cameron's house. cameron's house is very beautiful and very cold and you're not allowed to touch anything. whereas at burning man, there was a piece of art that was have a dome of 4inch thick metal tubes. from this dome was suspended 5 15ton granite slabs. of course it was for climbing. in regular museums, you're not even supposed to take pictures of the art, let alone climb on it.

sleepin-couch brandon-dying chillin-cary chillin-couch-2 todd-ghetto-chilling

burning the man is hard work. it's willer time.

see the doohickey in the upper left corner of the first picture? that there is the Magic Mirror Self Portrait Studio easel. last year, there was a brilliant but unrequited swell idea for an art project. from connecticut, I produced the construction of that fine doohickey. I found one guy to design the thing, another guy to build it, a third to paint it, and a fourth to transport it. due to an implementation flaw, the idea remains largely unrequited. but we're going to requite it next year, come heck or mineral water.


you've got to look closely at this peter northish shot. in the top half, I am waiting expectantly, having just dared the girl to spit chewed carrot all over my face. when she did, I actually said you hit me in the ear - why the ear?

so yeah. that's my camp.
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