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more is more...

I feel like the wayans brothers on in living color... "mo photos mo photos mo photos!"

center-camp-brightness kandice-bike-hoop sps-center-camp-painter
all pics are thumbnails. click them for the glorious version

center camp at night looked weird in photos. with one's naked eye,it looked fairly normal. when one takes a picture of center camp, the colors freak the heck out. then you look around center camp and see all sorts of lights. like rock star lights that shine on concerts. you don't notice them until you look at the lights themselves.

magic mirror self portrait studio photo. you know, the magic mirror self portait studio that didn't turn out exactly as planned... this is kandice. I suppose I should print it and give it to her some day. some day.

the tall redhead swede is the girl that enabled me to paint part of center camp. the background there is (one of) the panel(s) in center camp that she painted. it's the one to which I contributed. that photo was to be for MMSPS as well. alas.

dan-dawn-tramp dan-dawn-temple dan-dawn-chloe-scaffold dan-droog-dead-sunset

there are a few specific goals I have at burning man.
see the sun rise every day
see the sun set every day
get pancakes every day.
this here is the first sunrise I saw. after a early to bed deep sleep due to long driving and hard work. I was sleeping on the zoline and woke with first light in time to snap this snappy snapshot.

after an out all night adventure, I took a solo dawn visit to the temple to take cliche dawn pictures. some of them turned out downright neat. there's a reason so many people take pictures of cliche subjects.

after an out almost all night adventure, I got back to camp some time before dawn. the sky was ablaze in predawn purplety. sunrise seemed nigh. I climbed the scaffolding to greet dawn. I waited. and I waited - like horton. I had no clock, and sundials kinda suck before dawn. I estimate over an hour I stubbornly waited and fought off sleep standing 20 feet above playa level. I have a whole series of photos of me looking impatient.

one of the cooler sunsets. this year's sunsets were pretty weak compared to the last couple of years.

krista-lizard-kiss dan-aphrodite dan-krista-pancakes

remember how robin williams said that language was invented to woo women. it seemingly originated lizard hunting as well.

remember the goddess aphrodite? as I was napping in the ghetto, she awoke me and then flitted off - barely before I had a chance to take this picture. I feel like I've photographed nessie, so many people have asked me about pictures of her based on the hawaii post. there ya go.

remember that pancakes every day goal? here's a tiny glimpse of the splendor the pancake playhouse has to offer. more people frequent them because of the cool 80s songs and pancakes rather than the sign out front. but fuck them.

brandon-stilt-the-man jason-stilt-the-man johnboy-the-man-electronics

for the past couple of years, I've been meaning to do photo serieses of people posing as the man. I kind of started that this year, but not in as interesting a way as I intend. the stilt walkers are cool nonetheless.

johnboy, in the third picture, posed for me in the man pose at my request. after I did the pictures, he told me that he's the guy responsible for most of the pyrotechnics in the man. I rule.

dan-swirly-hazy dan-light-cube dan-burn

here's some pics of lil ol me.

that thing in the background of the second shot is the light cube. it's many ping pong balls suspended and blinking in amazing drug hazeish patterns. I watched it for quite a while and I don't recall it ever repeating.

I had a little accident...

bike-on-playa brandon-heather-stilt-bj jason-brandon-stilts

I couldn't think of a good theme for these, so this is the small "mode of transportation" section of pics.

centercampkissingwatermelon dan-watermelon-the-man

and, of course, the obligatory watermelon section.
this is the same girl that enabled the center camp painting above. she also gave me the watermelon I cut up and gave out.

and then there's me in the watermelon getup. I can almost hear the man, standing over my shoulder in the background, saying "yeah" like the black guy in jail in trading places. either that or telling me to look at those gazongas.


I can't hardly wait to show you the cool ones in my next post.
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